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Please send any questions or concerns to

1/15/2018 - Mission Possible Div C  - Please READ 

The event supervisor for Mission Possible has asked us to post the following information:  

"I will be supervising Mission Possible at the regional Science Olympiad on March 15th.  I would like to offer to help your students to make sure that they are in compliance with the current rules, which are sometimes a bit fuzzy and subject to different interpretations.   At this point, numerous clarifications and FAQ's are posted on the national SO website,  so they should be sure to take a look at that.

  If they wish, they can send their ASL to me - - and I will check to make sure that it conforms to the official format (posted on the National website on 12/27/17).   I will also look to see if anything stands out as a possible issue.  In this way, we may be able to remedy some problems before the competition.  In addition, if your students have any questions whether any of their actions are in compliance with the rules, I will be happy to give them my opinion.   Dave Drummer   Kutztown Sr. High School"

3/14/2017 -  This is from LAST year but still important!

As State Director, Roger Demos asked that I notify coaches: For Helicopters, the statement "-no parts of the helicopter can be 3D printed" is incorrect.
As State Event Supervisor for Wind Power, Dave Moyer asked that I notify coaches: After doing 2 regional tournaments, it came to our attention that the shielding requirements for hovercraft were not clear to many teams. Propellers must be shielded on all sides, including the bottom of the hovercraft if the bottom is not covered by a bag or some material that catches air. We have had many hovercrafts not allowed to run due to shielding violations.
Jennifer Devlin Executive Administrator
Pennsylvania Science Olympiad

3/7 - Impounds / SignUp - Room Dimensions:

Impounds:  All impounds will occur between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM at the event location!        

Impounds Division B:                        

Battery Buggy - O'Pake Fieldhouse (#47)

Hovercraft - O'Pake Fieldhouse (#47)

Roller Coaster - O'Pake Fieldhouse (#47)                        

Thermodynamics - Student Recreation Center 203 (#48)

Division B Events that are "SIGN-UP" but do not require impound:                        

Optics - Boehm 202 (#12)                        

Towers - O'Pake Fieldhouse (#47)  

Wright Stuff - O'Pake Fieldhouse (#47)         

- The area is approx. 120' x 180' (ceiling: 25' to 38' in center)   


Impounds Division C:                        

Hovercraft - O'Pake Fieldhouse (#47)

Mission Possible - O'Pake Fieldhouse (#47) - this is OPTIONAL!!!  If you do choose to store your entry as "impound"  you will not be able to access it until your run time.

Mousetrap Vehicle - O'Pake Fieldhouse (#47)

Thermodynamics - Student Recreation Center 200 (#48)                          

Division C Events that are "SIGN-UP" but do not require impound:                        

Helicopter - Student Recreation Center - Racquetball Court (#48)      

- The area is approx. 20' x 20' x 40'.       

- SNEAKERS or soft-soled shoes must be worn to enter the court!!!      

Optics - Boehm 207 (#12)                        

Towers - O'Pake Fieldhouse (#47)