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  3 /16 - Delayed start  (one hour) and more info

Lends us your ears - because we really need to vent about how much we hate snow.  It continues to keep us on our toes and we have a few more changes and updates as a result:  

1)      Get Your Bearings is CANCELLED

2)      Bottle Rocket is at a NEW LOCATION - in the parking lot of the Academic Forum.  From the Event Supervisor: "Due to the current ground conditions the Div. B Bottle Rocket event will be held in parking lot A6, found on your left when facing the Academic Forum.  The launch pad will be set up at the end of the parking lot furthest away from the front entrance of the Forum.  Launch psi will be announced at the beginning of the competition, as directed in the event rules."

3)      No air handling in the Field House - To give optimal conditions for Wright Stuff being held in the Field House, the air handling system in the Field House will be turned off for the day.  This means it may get cold in there so be sure to dress accordingly.

4)      Wear good snow shoes and coats - Most of the walkways around the campus are clear but there are still some snowy and icy spots that warrant good shoes not to mention a warm coat.  Dress accordingly!  


All times for Opening Ceremony, events, and Closing Ceremony will be delayed by 1 hour!  It is our hope that this extra time will give all of you the best chances of being able to join us tomorrow.  With that said, WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK FOR THE FOLLOWING:   If your school is on a two-hour delay tomorrow, please let us know ASAP if that will prohibit your team from being able to attend.   If your school does have a delayed opening, please know that we will do everything we can to accommodate any schedule you can make: -          Any teams that arrives late will be allowed to impound any equipment with NO PENALTY. -          We will do our best to accommodate any team that misses events due to late arrival.  We can't guarantee that events will be able to be made up, but we will do everything we can.   We thank you for your continued patience and understanding!  We are truly trailblazing new territory with the chaos this week and we really appreciate you all accommodating as best you can this continually changing situation.  We just ask for your patience for a little but longer and hope to still have a wonderful Olympiad tomorrow!

3/15 - Olympiad POSTPONED to Friday, 3/17!!!

We're officially moving the Science Olympiad to our snow date: Friday, March 17.  We know that this schedule change will impact everyone in some way.  First, we made this decision based on doing what is best for everyone's safety.  Given the sub-par conditions of the roads and walkways this morning, we want to give more time for everything to be cleared.This way everyone can arrive here at KU safely.  And given the conditions of the roads, we are anticipating many delayed openings for schools tomorrow, which will be just as problematic for many schools to make it to the Olympiad.  So, given all those factors, we​'ve decided to move the Science Olympiad to Friday.
 We hope that as many (if not all) of the schools can still join us for this wonderful event.  We know how hard all of you have worked and prepared.  We did not come to this decision easily or without thought.  We appreciate all of the feedback you have given about the move.  
If there is anything that we can do to help make this schedule change easier for you, please let us know.
Please let us know ASAP if you cannot attend or if we will be losing supervisors/judges!   Stay warm, be safe, and we'll see you Friday!

12/19/2016 - Mission Possible Div B  - Please read attached PDF 

The event supervisor for Mission Possible has asked us to post the following information.  There is a letter linked to this announcement with important information.  Please read!!!

1/20/2017 - Please check the Updated Schedules!  You can find the schedules under the Events and Rules tabs on the left.  The following room assignments have changed:  Microbe Mission (B), Ecology (C), and Game On (C).

2/19/2017 - Please check the Up-UPdated Schedules!   Different rooms have changed. New website for State Olympiad

3/14/2017 - letter to coaches 
As State Director, Roger Demos asked that I notify coaches: For Helicopters, the statement "-no parts of the helicopter can be 3D printed" is incorrect.
As State Event Supervisor for Wind Power, Dave Moyer asked that I notify coaches: After doing 2 regional tournaments, it came to our attention that the shielding requirements for hovercraft were not clear to many teams. Propellers must be shielded on all sides, including the bottom of the hovercraft if the bottom is not covered by a bag or some material that catches air. We have had many hovercrafts not allowed to run due to shielding violations.
Jennifer Devlin Executive Administrator
Pennsylvania Science Olympiad