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Are you a First Generation College Student?

A first-generation college student is defined as a student whose parent(s)/legal guardian(s) have not completed a bachelor's degree. This means that you are the first in your family to attend a four-year college/university to attain a bachelor's degree. Being first-generation is a very proud accomplishment.

Meet Members of our KU First Generation Community!

Bruce Jensen- Emerging Technologies Librarian

BruceJensonHometown: Hobart, WA

Education Highlights: BA English, University of Washington; MA Teaching English as a Second Language, Northern Arizona University; MA Library & Information Science, UCLA

Career Highlights: I've been privileged to do interesting work at fascinating places in three different countries. The more schooling I got, the more interesting the jobs became! In 2008, I was fortunate to be hired at Rohrbach Library of KU. 

If I'd known, something I would have done differently: Visited my professors a lot more at office hours--as an undergrad they intimidated me but it turns out there's nothing they enjoy more than speaking with interested students. Also, I'd have paid more attention to my parents' wisdom; even without the privilege of higher education they'd been around the block a lot more than I. When you're the only one in your family who's been to college, you might weary of hearing about a (fanciful) place called "the real world," but make no mistake: you're already there, and your experiences at university will give you more agency to make your real world more like what you want it to be.   

Tips for Success in College: Use the library. Seriously--it's easier than you think! Plus, the library at KU is about so much more than frozen textual information. You've got the Writing Center happy to help, you've got the Tutoring Center downstairs, CASA people to support you--plus there's a café, for crying out loud! And an outdoor sundeck and tons of perfect study spots throughout. Don't forget the STEAMworks makerspace downstairs; that's my favorite place of all.  

 Giovanna Bova Class of 2019

 GigiBovaHometown: Ambler, PA

Major: Middle Level Education & Special Education- Math and Science

Why did you choose your major? I have always had a passion for helping people. I wanted to go into special education specifically because my uncle has Downs Syndrome. Every since I was little, he and I had a special connection and I cannot wait to have my own special education classroom one day.

How involved are you on campus? I am involved in our university's orientaion program called CONNECTIONS. This program has allowed me to work with so many people. It has also helped me with my fear of talking in front of big crowds and to be myself. I also balance another part time job outside of college while going to classes.

Advice for other first-generation students? Use the resourses around you. I struggled a lot my freshman year because I was afraid to ask questions. Once I became more educated about Kutztown University, I realized there are so many free resourses at the tip of my fingers. Places like the Writing Center and CASA (Center for Academic Success and Achievement) can help you through this new process. Also, try not to get in over your head. I know some may want to get super invoved, but only take on the work load that you can handle. Everyone at KU wants you to succeed; its okay if it takes longer then its "supposed" to.

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