McFarland Student Union

McFarland Student Union is where you'll find many activities and opportunities for involvement

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Student Involvement

When you choose Kutztown University for your higher education experience, you can also choose to immerse yourself in the university's culture of involvement. Student involvement on campus is the key to having a memorable, rewarding experience at KU. Clubs, organizations, and even volunteer opportunities are plentiful both on- and off-campus. There is a club for everyone, no matter your interest. Academic, public service, government and political science, spiritual, sports and recreation, arts and performing arts, or special interest clubs such as robotics or dance are sure to give you an outlet for your skills and interests.

To learn about all clubs offered, students can visit ENGAGE, a website dedicated to connecting students with opportunities for involvement at both member and leader levels. ENGAGE offers descriptions and contact information for each club, as well as a number that students can call if they do not see a club that is well-suited to their interests and needs help finding or creating one that better caters to their needs.

In addition to academic and activity-specific clubs, Greek Life is an integral part of the Kutztown University community. Students can join fraternities and sororities that offer lifelong friendships and a sense of family on campus. These close-knit groups promote campus involvement in various aspects of leadership, social interaction, scholastic achievements, community service, and good citizenship.

Kutztown University is also home to KUR, the school's radio station. KUR's purpose is to provide means of student training and experience in radio broadcasting,  means of entertainment and information for the student body and community, to serve the public interest, and to be an instrument of expression for student, faculty, and community opinion.

Since KU is located in the borough of Kutztown, it is important for students to explore the community around them through opportunities to give back. The Community Outreach Center is the Kutztown University hub for student-led community service and social advocacy work. Special needs programs and events such as the Special Olympics are held annually on campus and always welcome volunteers. Additionally, Alternative Spring Break is a program that allows students to use their spring break time for the good of others at various sites throughout the United States.

The opportunities for involvement in Kutztown University life are endless for those students who choose to get out and explore the possibilities!