Important Announcement About Public Safety on the KU Campus

Dear KU Campus Community, 

A few social media postings about the university’s department of Public Safety and Police Services have raised concerns about the safety of our campus. Students, parents, employees and other visitors to our campus should know that Kutztown University endeavors to keep our campus a safe place to live, learn and work.  

Here are the facts: 

  • Our state certified police officers enrich the living, learning and working experiences of the Kutztown University community. They protect life, maintain order and safeguard property, in partnership with the community. Incidents that threaten this mission are appropriately addressed.  
  • Our officers patrol the campus 24/7 and they are supported by a well-trained security staff. Working as a unit, these professionals protect students, staff, faculty, and campus visitors as well as the university’s physical assets. They monitor and respond to alarms, control access to university facilities, patrol campus areas, and provide safety escorts to those who request it. 
  • We hold our university employees to the highest standards. We expect the behavior of our employees to reflect the high standards established by the university. In addition, we hold individuals accountable based on the law. 
  • Like every college, our university has occasional safety incidents, but recent crime statistics validate that Kutztown University is as safe, or safer, than comparable universities in the commonwealth.  
  • Crime in the borough of Kutztown is significantly lower than the U.S. average.
  • We have several other safety measures in place to protect students, faculty and staff. This includes awareness programs for students, emergency call stanchions in key locations, emergency-alert systems, shuttle buses and regular safety reviews. 
  • For off-campus residents, we’ve helped the borough implement KUBOK, a crime-watch program that patrols the town streets when student foot traffic is heaviest.

As a continuous reminder, Kutztown University rejects all forms of racism, sexism, bigotry, brutality and discrimination. We don’t publicly discuss issues involving students out of respect for their privacy and compliance with federal law, nor do we discuss personnel matters in public. 

All efforts are made to keep a safe environment at Kutztown, but we continuously encourage our university community to remain vigilant in all places, at all times, and to take their personal safety seriously. Together, we can make our campus and surrounding community a safer place for all. 

KU University Relations