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Letter regarding policies and protections of Transgender Students

KU GLBTQ Resource Center
Office of Inclusion and Outreach
President's Commission on Human Diversity

As many students may have seen or heard; the guidance given by executive order regarding transgender students - specifically in the use of bathrooms and in public education has been muted.  This has caused some confusion and fears among our students, specifically our Transgender students as well as others in the GLBTQ community, allies, and peers in how this affects our campus.    Although this has been addressed within some meetings, discussions among student leaders and university officials, and with individuals who have brought their concerns - we thought it best to let all students know, since there may be some that have not been part of those conversations.  Here are some facts as to how this change affects policies and procedures here at Kutztown University.

  1. Title IX still give legal protections against sex and gender discrimination, including gender identity and expression, on college campuses.  KU stays committed to ensuring that title IX is followed in both legal requirements and in the spirit of Title IX.
  2. There are no movements in places to eliminate policies such as the Preferred Name Policy; Gender Inclusive Housing; or campus gender neutral bathrooms. These stay in place.
  3. The university's non-discrimination and anti-harassment policies included sexuality and gender identity for many years now.  Those continue to be enforced and the lack of guidance provided by elimination of any executive order does not change that.

So in summary, there are no reduction of services or protections from the university to our students who identify as transgender, GLBTQ, or any other identity on campus. We are able to determine our own policies in these regards.  Kutztown has in many cases always been ahead of the social issues on college campus' and if anything we will strengthen or add policies when needed.

Regardless of what the headlines tell you, there are many, many tireless advocates, educators and community members and resource groups that support Transgender rights and won't stop working to provide safe environments, with love, respect and dignity. The GLBTQ Center is one of them.

The President's Commission on Human Diversity has also been a guardian of any attempt to lessen the protections afforded to any of our students, including those in the GLBTQ community on our campus.  We have worked hard in the past decade to educate the campus in term of diversity and inclusion and we stay committed to our mission of developing an environment in which members of the university are valued and their difference honored.

If you are unfortunately met with any type of harassment or discrimination on campus, please report it to any of us, the Office Social Equity, Public Safety, the Dean of Students Office, the GLBTQ Resource Center, the Women's Center, the Disability Services Office, or other trusted university faculty or staff.

Christine Price
Director of GLBTQ Resource Ctr And Women's Center

Jerry Schearer
Associate Dean for Inclusion and Outreach

Amy Pfeifer-Wunder
Chairperson, Commission on Human Diversity