Spring 2021 Plan Frequently Asked Questions

With the announcement of Kutztown University's Spring 2021 Reopening Plan, there have been questions asked from our community. On this page, we have compiled answers to these questions.  If you have additional questions, you can email University Relations.

Updated 11/20/20

  • Will students and employees have to be tested for COVID-19 upon return to campus?

    Final testing protocols will be determined after further consultation with the State System and PA Department of Health. We will continue to test students for COVID-19 who are symptomatic, per guidelines. We are considering multiple options to increase our rapid testing capacity and to allow testing for groups wherein testing is required, such as intercollegiate athletics, student teaching and other areas. We will continue to monitor state guidelines concerning asymptomatic testing.

  • How many classes are being taught in person, and how many students are still residing on campus?

    87% of our course offerings will have a synchronous component, wherein the classes will be held live in person or with technology (or both) in real time. Our expected offering of courses include 67.6% online, 25.8% in-person hybrid, and 6.6% in-person.

  • Why is there no spring break?

    In line with many other universities, spring break was eliminated this year due to travel concerns associated with the pandemic. Instead, there will be four regular class days throughout the semester in which classes will not be held (Feb. 11, March 10, April 2 and 20). In addition, no classes will be held Saturday, April 3. These days are meant to be “wellness days” for students and faculty. No school work should be assigned on these days.

  • Will intercollegiate athletic practices resume this spring?

    We continue to closely monitor the pandemic and medical advances in testing and treatments as we consider conducting a traditional spring sports season. We will also continue developing a plan to allow our fall and winter teams to conduct practices during the spring, which could include a limited number of scrimmages or competitions.

  • When can students enroll in courses for the spring?

    Spring 2021 registration for undergraduate students is currently open on MyKU. Registration will close for undergraduate students at 4:30 p.m., Friday, Dec. 4. Students are urged to meet with their advisor and complete registration before Dec. 4. MyKU registration will reopen for undergraduate students at 12:01 a.m., Monday, Jan. 11.

    Spring 2021 registration for graduate students will remain open through the beginning of the spring semester.

    Winter 2020 registration will remain open until Thursday, Dec. 17, for both graduate and undergraduate students.

  • What should students do if they are experiencing COVID-like symptoms?

    Students experiencing COVID-like symptoms should contact KU Health and Wellness Services, Beck Hall, for examination and testing at 610-683-4082. The hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. All students will need to call for an appointment. There will be no walk-in appointments this semester. When Clinical Services is closed, please contact Public Safety and Police Services at 610-683-4001 for immediate assistance. If you have an emergency off campus, call 911. If a student is advised to quarantine or isolate due to possible COVID-19 exposure, tests positive for COVID-19, or believes they have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, they should contact Health and Wellness Services by phone (610-683-4082) or email (health@kutztown.edu).

  • How will students receive their two cloth masks?

    Each student received two reusable masks at the start of the 2020 fall semester. Those who are new to the university, or need replacement masks, can pick up new masks at the KU Card Office, 107 Academic Forum.

  • What accommodations will be made for students who have to miss class for medical reason?

    For an extended medical leave of absence, the student or family member should contact Clinical Services (Beck Hall) at 610-683-4082 or health@kutztown.edu. Additionally, all students will be informed that they need to contact their professors directly regarding accommodations and missed classwork, exams and projects. 

  • I am high-risk for COVID-19 – what are my options?

    Students identified as high-risk for COVID-19, with concerns about their return to campus, should contact KU’s Office of Disability Services at 610-683-4108 or dso@kutztown.edu to discuss accommodations. 


  • Will students be able to take labs or other classes that require hands-on learning?

    We will have some in-person classes and labs, etc., with increased mitigation efforts, following social distancing/hygiene requirements. 

  • What is the university going to do about off-campus behavior when it comes to requiring social distancing and following guidelines?

    We encourage our campus community to utilize social distancing on and off campus. While we don’t have the ability to place guidelines for off-campus locations, we strongly encourage our students and employees to practice proper hygiene, as described in our reopening plan, to practice social distancing and self-monitor their personal health. 

  • What cleaning is being done in classrooms?

    Hand sanitizer dispensers and disinfection wipes will be available in each classroom. Students and faculty should wipe desks, keyboards and computer mouse devices before using them. Used wipes should be immediately thrown in the trash can. Classrooms will be cleaned, disinfected and trash emptied daily by custodial staff. In addition, custodial services will regularly clean high touch point surfaces including door knobs/handles.

  • What cleaning will be done in residence hall restrooms?

    Residence hall restrooms will be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and trash emptied daily. High touch point areas will be disinfected at least twice daily.

  • How will dining facilities be impacted?

    Dining Services' spring semester plans include adjusted hours, required face coverings, capacity limits, touchless payment and the introduction of mobile ordering. 

  • Why are students allowed to have an on-campus roommate during the COVID-19 pandemic?

    KU is following the CDC’s guidance for Living in Shared Housing in regards to on-campus housing, which includes numerous social distancing and hygiene recommendations for residents. We are implementing those precautions on campus and will communicate them to students upon move-in. It is expected that each student will adhere to our guidelines and be respectful of their fellow students and housemates. More information from the CDC can be found online.