Update to Campus Regarding Weekend Incidents

Dear KU Campus Community,

This past weekend, the university provided multiple safety alerts regarding incidents that occurred near our campus.

  • Saturday morning’s incident at the off-campus Advantage Point apartment complex resulted in the death of an 18-year-old male from Reading, who was not a KU student. Pennsylvania State Police continue to investigate this incident.
  • Sunday morning’s report of an individual brandishing a weapon near the East entrance of campus is not believed to be connected with the Advantage Point incident.
  • In a separate, unrelated incident, the university confirmed the off-campus death of a non-KU student early Saturday morning. No foul play is suspected in that death. We are awaiting further details from authorities.

Campus police continue to work with respective investigative agencies on these incidents.

Our hearts continue to go out to everyone affected by these tragic events. The university is prepared to provide any assistance to students, including but not limited to, counseling, responding to safety concerns and on-campus housing accommodations. Contact information for campus offices can be found below:

This past weekend’s events understandably raise the question – how safe is Kutztown University and the surrounding area? While we do have occasional incidents, recent crime statistics validate that the KU campus is as safe, or safer, than comparable universities in the commonwealth. Crime in the borough is significantly lower than the U.S. average. All of these statistics are available online, including our campus crime statistics, which can be found on our university website under Public Safety and Police Services.

In addition, we have several measures in place, particularly on campus, to enhance the safety of our students, faculty and staff.  We have our own police force with professionally-trained officers. Our officers patrol the campus 24-7 and have heightened their efforts in response to this past weekend. We have an emergency alert system, KU Alert System, as we used this past weekend to inform the university of emergency alerts and timely warnings.

Please remember that behavior and personal safety are a team effort. We must always remain vigilant no matter where we are – on campus, at home, in the borough, in the surrounding community. By working together, we can make our campus and surrounding community a better place for everyone.

  • Keep your cell phone charged; travel in pairs or in a group – no one gets left behind. Familiarize yourself with Bearkit through the KU Mobile App.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings. Use well-lit walkways and pathways on and off campus. Remember: headphones and texting take away from your ability to know what is happening around you.
  • Take advantage of the KU Police Escorts when traversing campus at night. Safety escorts can be requested 24 hours a day by calling 610-683-4002 or by picking up any blue light emergency phone located across campus.
  • Note the location of the campus blue light phones. They will directly alert University Police of your location on campus when activated.
  • If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, contact a friend or loved one, or contact the police (on-campus, call University Police at 610-683-4001 (x34001); Off campus, dial 911).
  • Sign up for a RAD Course (Rape Aggression Defense Course). Call 610-683-4002 (x34002) for information. Avoid dangerous situations.
  • Students living off campus should direct emergency concerns to the Kutztown Borough Police (in the Borough of Kutztown), Pa. State Police (in Maxatawny Twp.), or when unsure, call 911.

Thank you for your cooperation. We will continue to share information with the campus community as it is made available by investigative agencies.


KU Office of University Relations