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Alexa Sicher

Major: Biology/Pre-Med; Minor: Biochemistry, Class of 2014Alexa Sicher

Kutztown University helped one of its students fulfill a childhood dream.

Alexa Sicher has aspired to be a dentist with her own practice since kindergarten. The university felt like home to Sicher, a Kutztown native. She chose her major, Biology/Pre-Med, and her minor in Biochemistry to take the next step to achieve her dentistry goals.

Sicher says that majoring in a science is not a simple task, and the difficulty entails long hours of dedication and focus on the subjects, however, the outcome is well worth it. To Sicher, Kutztown University also stands strong in comparison to some of the most prominent universities around.

"Kutztown University offers an exceptional variety of science courses. When I went to my dental school interviews, at every school visited, the upper-level students were discussing how first-year dental school students struggle with histology, biochemistry, anatomy, and so-on. Students who went to Duke, Harvard, etc. commented saying they had little or no experience in these fields. I was proud to say that I took and excelled in every single one of those classes at Kutztown University."

The professors at Kutztown, says Sicher, view their students as young professionals. She credits her professors, and especially advisor Dr. Matthew Stone, for encouraging her and making themselves available in order to turn a dream into reality. 

"The professors in the sciences truly push you to be better than you ever thought possible," she said.  She also noted that the Pre-Professional Committee, which prepares Pre-Medical and Other Health Careers majors for interviews, is a resource Sicher contributes to her success at her dental school interviews.

Sicher graduated in August 2014 and departed Kutztown to further her education at the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine. She earned acceptance at three universities where she interviewed, ultimately choosing Pittsburgh. She says that Kutztown has, without a doubt, prepared her for life after school.

"The challenging programs that Kutztown University has designed for those interested in joining the medical field have allowed me to become confident in my abilities, excel as a student, and grow as a young adult. My work and education made me an extremely competitive candidate for dental schools, which was my ultimate goal." Coming from a small town and fairly small university, she adds, makes her proud to announce her success and that Kutztown University produces students of exceptional quality.

In addition to her education, Sicher was involved in many other activities. She was a member of the Health Ambassadors, which promotes healthier lifestyles by educating the community about exercise, tobacco or drug use, and stress and their effects on one's well-being. She worked as a note-taker for the Disabilities Services Office, was a member of Phi Kappa Phi, and Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Sicher assisted in STEM (Science, Technology, and Math) where she corresponded with department chairs and secretaries, admissions, facilities, etc. and helped to organize the bi-annual STEM open house, held for more than 150 prospective students and families. Sicher  completed an internship at a local dental office headed by Dr. William J. Messersmith, where she volunteered at the non-profit event "Dentistry from the Heart."

 "If you are ready to put in the effort and truly want to see all your dreams become a reality, then Kutztown University and its educators are willing to work just as hard to make it happen. The diverse student body will allow you to meet extraordinary people that you otherwise may never meet, and the overwhelming list of opportunities available to students will leave you with experiences that will last a lifetime."

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