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Andrew Weiss

Andrew WeissMajor: Criminal Justice, Class of 2011

Andrew Weiss '11, a criminal justice major, always knew that he wanted to go to a college with a strong liberal arts and sciences program. That was just one of the selling points of Kutztown University for him.

His friends spoke highly about KU - and Weiss said he fell in love with the beautiful campus on a tour. He explained that Kutztown made the transition between pre-adulthood and adulthood very easy.  KU's classes have allowed him to learn at a greater depth than he was able to in high school, giving him greater critical thinking skills.

"I know that I definitely never have a day where I regret choosing Kutztown University as my college," Weiss says.  "It's been such a wonderful experience."

A recent graduate, Weiss plans to apply to the Pennsylvania State Police and to the New Jersey State Police. Although the application process is complicated and lengthy, Weiss feels that KU has given him the knowledge to face the demands of his future career.

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