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Brooke Benson

Brooke BensonMajor: Elementary Education/Early Childhood Education, Class of 2015

by Bethany Bonner '15

One trip to Kutztown University was all it took for Brooke Benson. The rest is history.

Upon her visit to Kutztown, Benson fell in love with the "home-away-from-home feel" and felt drawn to the school with its great reputation in educating future educators. She initially was not one hundred percent sure as to whether or not being a teacher was the career path she wanted to pursue, until one day her grandfather told her, "Brooke, you're going to be a teacher." He was right. Brooke says, "It was meant to be. I can't see myself doing anything else."

As soon as the Elementary Education/Early-Childhood Education major made the commitment to Kutztown, she wasted no time in becoming involved in extracurricular campus life. She immediately joined sorority Phi Sigma Sigma, which has been one of her fondest engagements at KU so far.

"If I didn't get involved with Greek Life freshman year, I don't think I would have been involved with as much or be as happy as I am here" she says. "Greek Life means more to me than anyone could imagine. It means having friends no matter where life takes you. One thing I really like about our Greek Life is that we are all close. Being the Vice President for United Greek Council, I see many people's faces day to day and week to week and soon enough you become good friends with them. I know I could call many people in Greek Life with a problem I have and they will be there, especially my Phi Sigma Sigma sisters. I know these people will be connections I have made for life."

In addition to being Vice Archon/President of United Greek Council and Phi Sigma Sigma and Vice President of UGC, Benson works as an Information Desk Assistant in the McFarland Student Union Building. With all that she is involved with at KU, Brooke has learned a lot, particularly in the area of time management.

"I've learned a lot with time management skills because I have a job, am in a sorority, and just school itself with coming up with lesson plans, games, and so-on. You always have to be on your toes. My experience here has made me grow up a lot and prepare for the real world."

For prospective students, Benson has some words of wisdom: "As soon as you get here, get involved. If you're not involved, you'll be sitting back watching everyone else doing things wishing you were too. Being involved with things here is a great way to make friends."

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