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Emily Shaffer

Emily ShafferMajor: Art Education and Crafts, Class of 2014

After graduating high school, Emily Shaffer knew she had to be involved in art one way or another. She arrived at Kutztown University and started her studies as an Art Education major. After a few studio classes, she grew fond of tinkering with fine metals. It was not long before her thirst for learning led to her adding on a second major, that being crafts with a concentration in metals.

To Shaffer, art is being able to explore and serves as an emotional outlet.  Shaffer feels as though art is, in general, good for a person's emotional well-being. The good Shaffer draws from art is what she hopes to be able to share with her future students. "That's why I love art education; I can help kids realize art is a positive way to express oneself - it's an awesome thing to me." 

Early in her senior year, Shaffer was selected along with 158 other artists in the country and was one of ten Kutztown art students chosen to showcase some of their work at the prestigious 37th Annual Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show. Shaffer's metal work was shown alongside many successful professional artists' work.

"It was amazing to be able to represent this school. It didn't feel real to me. I really felt so accomplished and proud of both myself and my school. The Craft Show was a great way to meet people in the field and for networking. It was an experience I am extremely thankful for."

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