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Joseph Scoboria

Where Are They Now? Spring 2017 Update:
By Anastasia Lehneis '17

Over the summer Joseph Scoboria accepted a job for the Reading School District as a third and fifth grade special education teacher at Glenside Elementary School. After his first year of teaching, he has learned so much and loves teaching in Reading - his hometown! "If it wasn't for KU, the dedicated professors, and my experiences as a community leader at Kutztown, I would not be where I am today." He also had an exciting experience coaching the Glenside boys' basketball team this year is currently enrolled in his second graduate course at Alvernia University studying English as a Second Language. Joseph will continue to teach, coach, and give back to my community any way he can. 

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Major: Special Education/Elementary Education, Class of 2016.

By Elizabeth Holland '15

"I want to help build a foundation for children," said special education and elementary education major Joseph Scoboria.

Kutztown University's education program and affordable tuition turned Scoboria into a Golden Bear. "From the campus to the professors, the more I visited, the more I fell in love with every aspect of it here."

Joseph Scoboria

As a Reading, Pa. resident, Scoboria knew KU was the perfect location for him to be independent and have the comfort of home nearby.

"I like living a half hour from home. You feel like you are far away, but then, if you want to do laundry and get a nice home cooked meal, you can go home easily."

His passion for teaching grew since high school, but it was working at a summer camp that put Scoboria on a path toward special education. "I've worked at a summer camp for Exeter Township for about four or five years now and there are a lot of children who have special needs."

Diving right into the program, each class confirmed the aspiration he had felt at an early age, and prepared him for a career in the field. It was consistent involvement in activities, intramurals and clubs that afforded many opportunities to Scoboria. Joining the Association of Middle Level Educators, he learned the core values of future thinking through an organization that advances the education of young students to help them succeed. Through the College of Education, Scoboria joined the Enrollment Committee where he worked closely with KU's president, managing programs and strategies.

Dedicating himself to serving others and representing the student body, Scoboria involved himself in the Student Government Board (SGB). SGB engages with students to get ideas on what they want to see on campus, bridging the gap between students and the administration. As part of SGB, he ran for the Student Government Education Representative and feeling like he put himself in a good position, Scoboria rose to the position of president of SGB, leading 33 members.

As Scoboria's KU journey leads him closer to graduation, he is adamant that Kutztown has prepared him both inside and outside the classroom. Hoping to find a teaching job between the Reading and Philadelphia areas, he is striving to get into graduate school for education administration.

"Kutztown prepares you for life. College is just a baby step," he said. "I think that the administration, as well as the faculty, is very student-focused right now. I've noticed at Kutztown, in classes, there is this idea of having a personal connection with students. Having that individuality at Kutztown makes this university what it is."

Tori Rost '15 assisted with the development of this story

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