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Kiara Richardson

Major: Communication Studies
Class of 2015

by Bethany Bonner '15

As Kiara Richardson nears the end of her journey at Kutztown University, she holds an impressive repertoire of organizational involvements and learning experiences. The senior communication studies major transferred to KU her sophomore year. She visited the campus once and decided there was no need to put in an application to any other school.

Throughout the transition from prospective student to official Golden Bear, Richardson felt at ease and free of uncertainty.

"The staff and faculty are great and stay connected with you through the process and make sure all your questions are answered," Richardson said.

She hit the university grounds running and has made a statement inside and outside the boundaries of the university.

Richardson's first week in Kutztown brought her to a place that has made a significant positive impact on her life: the Multicultural Center on the South side of campus. She attended a cookout there and the combination of the upbeat atmosphere and the warm welcome she was received with ignited a spark within - she longed to be a part of such a wholesome community. From that point on, the Multicultural Center became what Richardson describes as her "second home." There, she has become heavily involved in the events, debates, idea-sharing and cultural celebration that the center fosters.

Participation with the Multicultural Center served as a gateway to much more for Richardson. She became a member on the Student Government Board (SGB) serving as an at-large representative in budget and finance. Richardson also became involved with the Commission on the Status of Minorities, which studies issues minorities have on-campus and retention of the minority student body. She additionally has held a historian and secretary positions in the Black Student Union (BSU), an organization which discusses art, music, and education, along with social, community and political issues in black communities.

Currently, Richardson is in her second term as President of the BSU. In the spring of 2014, she was inducted into the Zeta Phi Beta sorority, where she serves as treasurer.

Early on, Richardson saw how useful and intellectually stimulating being a part of campus life outside of classes is.

"Get involved," Richardson said. "This is a great campus - there are so many different things to get involved in. The college experience is so much better when you're involved. It also prepares you for the real world."

In addition to her plentiful on-campus activities, Richardson is getting her name out in the world of fashion and beauty. She was a public relations intern with Pink Label Beauty for the summer and fall semester of 2014. Her internship, she says, was significant in showing her what it takes to be successful, and through, she has learned invaluable information on how to find a balance with work and life. Richardson is currently is a fashion marketing intern and wardrobe stylist for Mars and Venus Clothing LLC, who was featured at Philadelphia Fashion Week, and does her own freelance wardrobe styling in her spare time.

In February 2015, Richardson styled for the models for Philadelphia Fashion Week, an opportunity which has brought her great excitement.

After leaving KU, Richardson aims to attend graduate school for a master's in fashion with an emphasis on strategic public relations. Her ultimate goal is to work in public relations in the fashion industry.

Richardson values her time at Kutztown. "I really am happy that I choose this university because it has challenged me and forced me to step outside my comfort zone," she said. "I have had some wonderful experiences, some of them challenging, but I have learned a lesson from all of them."

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