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Steve Maugeri

Steve MaugeriMajor: Electronic Media, Class of 2015.

by Bethany Bonner '15

He may not have many leather-bound books and his apartment may not smell of rich mahogany like the great Ron Burgundy of "Anchorman;" however KU's anchorman Steve Maugeri is working diligently to be the best he can be in the field of news and entertainment.

At the dawn of the Electronic Media major's college career, he wasted no time getting involved, diving headfirst into the pool of KU's extracurricular life. His freshman mentor Aaron Brouse introduced the young student to KU-TV, a student-produced television station which airs a variety of programs on three local cable systems as well as being distributed via the web. When the sports anchor position on Newsbreak became available, Maugeri seized the opportunity to take a seat in front of the camera to give reporting a try. Through this initial experience with KU-TV, his love for Electronic Media and broadcasting solidified, and Maugeri has since been an active participant in all things Electronic Media.

Maugeri has certainly found his niche in the program.

"Electronic Media is a very reputable program. The best thing is we get hands-on experience immediately. In your first semester you're shooting and editing right away. You also get to work with a small group of great, dedicated people." He adds that one of many reasons Electronic Media at KU is so noteworthy is that the students play a substantial role in local media.

After settling in as the new sports anchor, doors opened like falling dominos. In addition to the anchor position, Maugeri hosted Between the Lines for three semesters, a program through KU-TV which provides the university and local communities with student and coach interviews, recaps and game highlights of KU sports. He is the host of KULive, which airs on the campus radio station KUR.  The program covers campus and community issues, featuring interviews with local political figures as well as some of the university's top administrators. He also serves as a sports editor for the university newspaper, The Keystone, and is a member of the Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society.

Maugeri emphasizes the benefits one gains from extracurricular activities and proclaims they have been one of the most valuable experiences in his time as an undergraduate.

"That's the beauty of this major as a whole, you can get involved. The classes teach you requisite skills in Electronic Media. The clubs teach you the nature of the business."

March of 2014 brought with it enormous recognition and success for Kutztown University's Electronic Media Department. Some students from the department got to venture to Los Angeles for the National Broadcasting Society convention. KU came home with the "Chapter of the Year" award and also was deemed a co-winner in the Video Promotion Category for the 2013 football season promo. Students representing The Keystone ventured out to San Diego for the ACP National College Journalism convention and students representing KUR traveled to New York City for the Intercollegiate Broadcasting Society (IBS) convention.

While mingling at the National Broadcasting Society convention, Maugeri crossed paths with the general manager of The two clicked upon meeting, and he now is writing professionally for the sports site about the NFL and Philadelphia Eagles football team. Networking, says Maugeri, is essential.

"It's about getting your foot in the door. It's not so much what you have, it's who you know and who knows you. It's about developing a following."

In the summer of 2014, Maugeri landed an internship with 101.1 MORE FM in Philadelphia working in promotions. He has another internship lined up for spring 2015 at WPVI 6ABC in Philadelphia. The accumulation of invaluable experience gained through hard work and tireless involvement is building a sturdy foundation for Maugeri, one which he confidently stands upon. He hopes to one day work his way up to standing before the camera to deliver sports news to a greater audience.

"My ultimate goal is sports broadcasting. Television is a work of art and you can paint it any way you want. The camera is your paintbrush and the world is your canvas."

Reflecting back on his time at KU, Maugeri says the entire experience of being an Electronic Media student in Kutztown has been an all-around positive and unforgettable endeavor.

"I get college credits to make TV shows and talk about sports. You have all the equipment you need at your fingertips. We bring the university alive. If you are graduating from Kutztown in Electronic Media, you are prepared."

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