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Tabetha Super

Where Are They Now? Spring 2017 Update:
By Anastasia Lehneis '17

Tabetha Super is currently in her 6th trimester at Palmer College of Chiropractic and is soon to begin her clinical rounds. She is very excited to begin working with patients after many hours filled with studying, taking tests, and board exams. Tabetha is also beginning to coach the women's rugby team at Palmer College and is currently the women's rugby recruiter, which helps to keep her involved with her passion for rugby. In celebration of her one year anniversary with her wife, they are planning to travel across the mid-west and west coast searching for potential locations to open up her own practice.

After reminiscing on her time at Kutztown, Tabetha was very pleased with the education she received, and feels prepared when entering this accelerated medical program. Some of the courses she had taken at KU, such as Organic Chemistry, Histology, Human Physiology, and Research Methods, have all been vital to her success at Palmer College. Tabetha also felt that she had a head start compared to her classmates, and has made the dean's list several times throughout her doctorate program. After getting her bachelor's at Kutztown, Tabetha believes she is progressively more prepared, and essentially more successful due to her years at KU and is eager to continue her journey and passions.

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Major: Biology, Class of 2015

by Tori Rost '15

Tabetha SuperTabetha Super came to Kutztown University as a pre-med major knowing she wanted to help people, but unsure of what medical path she would take. Having no experience in sports, Super decided to join the women's rugby team where her love for the sport and appreciation for medicine led her to choosing chiropractic as her future career. She's since come to be known among her teammates as the club's unofficial "team doctor."

Super's obsession of science and always wanting to immerse herself in what she's doing led her to choose KU.

"I liked that the science department is small enough that there is a lot of one-on-one communication between me and my professors. I didn't want to get lost in the crowd; I wanted to be at the forefront of everything. Kutztown has a very active science department, which is one of the things I love about KU."

Super's desire to plunge into her work has made her very active on campus. Being a lab assistant, biology tutor, mentor for pre-med majors and involved in the Health Careers Society, has been beneficial to her time at KU.

"Everything that I am involved in has reflected back to my school work," Super stated. "Being a lab assistant and biology tutor has been a healthy reminder of key concepts I need to remember from my beginner classes."

A pre-med major comes with a lot of hard work.  Super  uses rugby practice not only as a stress reliever but also practice for her future career. When injuries occur, she puts her medical knowledge to use by speculating what the injury could be. After receiving proper medical attention, teammates will often report that Super's hunch was correct.

Working as a lab assistant with Dr. Daniel Aruscavage, in the Department of Biological Sciences, has proven extremely helpful. The research they have done together has brought countless hours of discussing different career paths for Super as well as professional advice from Dr. Aruscavage. 

A combination of the applied techniques, curriculum and professors Kutztown uses to teach their students has helped prepare for life after college.

"Kutztown builds up your education. The skills you learn in one class carries over into everything else that you do. Every class I have taken has been vital to my education.

"The professors make sure you are learning the information; they care that you do well," Super said. "They care about not only getting you to graduate but getting you to graduate and be successful. I've never seen this kind of faculty/staff relationship anywhere else."

For future Golden Bears, Super has a few words of advice: "If you want to experience, find and explore things you are interested in, come to KU. The opportunities and resources are endless; the hands-on experience will prepare you for your future."

Super has accepted a rugby scholarship to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, following graduation. Super will continue her passion for rugby as well as pursue her dreams of earning a Doctorate of Chiropractic.

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