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Waskar Paulino

Where Are They Now? Spring 2017 Update:
By Anastasia Lehneis '17

After dedicating his time of education and involvement at Kutztown University, Waskar Paulino began his career as a Paralegal/Legal Assistant in August 2016 at a law firm that focuses in personal injury, criminal, bankruptcy and immigration matters. He believes this position places him in an advantageous situation with the exposure and experience of law before attending law school for the fall 2018 semester. 

Aside from his professional career, Waskar has become a member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Philadelphia to understand and cater the needs of businesses within the city. He also has begun his involvement with a non-profit organization called Beyond The Bars. This organization allows music teachers to teach music and self-expression to harshly sentenced juveniles inside the Philadelphia Prison System.

During Waskar's free time, he plays guitar in a local Philadelphia band called AMORA. They released their debut project in January 2016 and went on an East Coast Tour during the summer of 2016 with plans to make more music before the year 2017 is out.  Waskar plans to continue to use the skills he has learned at Kutztown University to shape and serve his loved ones, community, his city and much more to the best of his ability. 

Below is the original story on Waskar Paulino

Major: Secondary Education/Spanish
Class of 2017

by Bethany Bonner '15

"I never really chose Kutztown. Kutztown chose me" said secondary education/Spanish major Waskar Paulino.

Waskar Paulino

Realizing he had not made the most of his high school education, Paulino saw Kutztown University as his second chance to explore beyond the confines of a classroom. This second chance was "an opportunity to become a different person. The person I wanted to become."

Upon his start as an undergraduate, Paulino never entertained the idea of possibly becoming an educator for a career. He soon found his attention drawn in that direction. Educating others, he said, became a passion he felt eager to follow. Realizing how much Kutztown has positively influenced him, Paulino seeks to have a similar effect on others, and feels teaching is the perfect avenue to take to achieve that.

In addition to keeping academically busy, Paulino serves as a community assistant for Housing and Residence Life. He is a member of the Presidential Ambassadors, a Kutztown University student organization that helps in supporting events that connect current students with alumni, faculty, staff and university friends. Paulino is also part of The National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH), a national organization which recognizes the top one percent of student leaders living on campuses across the country. You may often find him in the Modern Language Department, interacting with students and faculty to satisfy the cravings of a very hungry appetite for learning.

Before packing up and making the move to KU, the question of "what will the student population be like?" sometimes crossed Paulino's mind. As a Latino, he wondered if there would be others like him who were brought up in a similar culture. He was pleased by what he discovered.

"I didn't really think there would be many Latino students at KU. When I came here, I was surprised to find that there were more Latinos than I thought. They were really easy to talk to and they embraced me very quickly. The community felt like it was very strong within the students at KU as well as the town itself."

Through applying himself and consistent involvement, Paulino feels success in his education so far, and wants to continue on with it after he graduates by attending graduate school. He even entertains the possibility of pursuing a doctoral degree. Setting the bar very high, he said, is important in inspiring people of his community back home.

"Take the chance with KU," he said, "It is the best decision I've made in a long time. If you want to be a leader; if you want to make a change within yourself or even in the world; KU is a good place to start."

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