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July 5, 2016


The Daily Brief




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All Day                                  Load Bank Testing, Academic Forum, Boehm, Sharadin

10 a.m. - 6 p.m.                     Kutztown Folk Festival, Fairgrounds

3 p.m.                                   Deadline to Submit Summer Session I Grades



(Weather forecasts are provided by KU's Dr. Michael Davis and "Monsoon Mike" Regensburger)

Mostly Cloudy in the morning and partly Sunny later in the day.  Rain & thunderstorms in the morning will taper to showers and then end.  Lows in the 60s. Highs mid-80s.




(Historical facts have been compiled from the KU Archives and Special Collections of the Rohrbach Library; the archives of the Keystone; Kutztown Patriot, Allentown Leader and Reading Eagle; and Beacon on the Hill by Dr. Lee Graver.)

July 4, 1876:  Keystone State Normal School joins the Borough of Kutztown in a centennial celebration of America's independence.  At 4 a.m., 100 guns fire and all church bells and the KSNS bell ring at once.  A band parades through town.  At 7 a.m. Abraham R. Horne, principal of KSNS, offers a sermon to a large crowd on campus.  Immediately following the Monument to Liberty is dedicated in front of the normal school building.  The granite base and Italian marble monument cost $250 and was relocated to Kutztown Park in 1907 and now resides at the Kutztown Area Historical Society.



We will be performing generator load bank testing on July 5 & 6, on the following buildings:

Academic Forum

This process will not interrupt the electrical service to the building.  Noise from the generator running is the most common inconvenience.  This is most noticeable outside, but some occupants may hear a subdued noise if their space is near where the generator is located.    The test usually lasts about 2 hours.



Family Day will be Saturday, October 1, 2016.     Just as a follow up as announced previously; we do invite any department, college, or office on campus to participate in anyway.  The schedule for 2016 is now being finalized.  If you would like to participate, demonstrate, have an open house, etc....please let me know by July 8.   If you have an idea and want to run it by me - call me at ext. 3-4923 or email     Thank you, Jerry



If your department would like to use the large capacity shredder located in room 16 of the South Dining Hall, please contact Jen Prevoznik at x34826 or by email at:  Access to this room and reservations for using the shredder must be coordinated through Jen.  Please DO NOT submit a work order to have items placed down in the South Dining Hall to be shredded, until you have reserved your time and are trained.  We do have students available to assist with your shredding if needed.  Please make sure that ONLY items to be shredded are taken down to the South Dining Hall.  Binders, books, pamphlets, CD's, tapes, etc. cannot be shredded and should be sent directly to recycling.   



Dixon Marketplace will have summer hours from July 5 - August 5. We will be open Monday - Friday, 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. with additional evening hours on Monday and Wednesday from 7 - 11 p.m. Thank you!



KUR (Kutztown University Radio) is always listening to its listeners. Satellite Radio recently debuted a wildly popular summertime channel "Yacht Rock," playing smooth pop songs from the late 70s and early 1980s. KUR decided to do even better with our transitional format between specialty shows and call it "smooth rock," playing artists from that era along with newer artists of that sound. Why pay for radio when you can get it for free? The result has been fantastic since soft-debuting last week on KUR. Ratings are way up and comments from the community like "you're the only local college station that cares about the community of all ages even during the summer" have been coming in. Check it all out, along with our schedule of student/staff specialty shows at our website where you can also stream the station live. Remember to take KUR with you wherever you go this summer, as well, by downloading the "TuneIn" app on your smartphone and searching "KUR." In addition to our music specialty shows, we also continue community interest talk shows dealing with GLBTQ issues, women's issues, Latino issues, and much more. 



This past spring semester, Nathan Betts, a mathematics major (BS math S2016), was searching the web for articles dealing with the assignment problem for his senior seminar project.  He found the following article "A New Approach of Solving Single Objective Unbalanced Assignment Problem" by Yadaiah and Haragopal published in the peer-reviewed American Journal of Operations Research (AJOR), 2016, 6, 81-89.   He was suspicious of the approach discussed in the paper and brought it to the attention of his operations research professor, Dr. Fran Vasko.  Together they studied the approach and Dr. Vasko confirmed Nathan's suspicions that the approach did not guarantee the optimal solution to the assignment problem (as claimed by the authors).  Nathan Betts and Dr. Vasko wrote a rebuttal paper proving by counter example that the proposed method in the paper by Yadaiah and Haragopal does not guarantee the optimal solution to the assignment problem.  The paper by Mr. Betts and Dr. Vasko entitled "Solving the Unbalanced Assignment Problem: Simpler is Better" was recently published in AJOR, 2016, 6, pp. 296-299.  Due to the circumstances surrounding the paper, the editor waived the open access fee for the Betts and Vasko paper.          



The campus community is invited to celebrate Sharon Breter's retirement on her last day, Friday, July 8, from 2 - 4 p.m. in the Kemp Building Training Room.  Please come and have cake and say farewell and best wishes to Sharon, as she retires from KU.
                Jeanette Forster, employment services manager, Human Resources




The following non-instructional management vacancy is currently being offered for internal applicants only at this time:

Assistant Director, Grants & Sponsored Projects

Additional information can be found on the HR website under Employment Page (Internal Vacancies) the direct link is:
                Human Resources



All Kutztown University staff are welcome to attend the Kutztown Folk Festival during your lunch break from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. free of charge. Please present your Kutztown University ID for admittance.  The festival is scheduled through July 10. We look forward to seeing you!



3...2...1 Blast off to discovering space and flight. Half day campers will explore the stars and constellations as you take an out-of-this-world sky tour in our homemade planetarium, prepare for lift-off as you build and launch your own rocket while learning about Newton's Laws of Motion, and complete a mission to Mars as you design and build your own model space station.  Full day campers will continue to use their astronaut wits as we build air powered Nano-rovers, make craters and dry ice comets, and work in engineering teams to construct space capsules that will be used to launch "eggstronauts."  Come join us on our mission through outer space. For children ages 7-11.  KU faculty and staff receive a discount when they use the coupon code FFC16.  Register online at or call 877-870-9517



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