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KUIC Guidelines

KUIC Television Message System Guidelines

  • Messages must be submitted via the designated Web form or through the Tightrope System.
  • Messages should be submitted a minimum of five working days in advance of the first scheduled run date.
  • Message length must fit within the designated text box on the Web form.
  • All messages should include basic key information (readers should be able to easily determine the subject, date, time, location, contact info and/or other instructions.  See current messages on KUIC for examples).
  • Messages must include desired run dates and a suggested category for the message (upcoming events, academics, student life, sports, community).
  • Run dates for messages may not exceed three weeks, unless approved by the University Relations Office.  Ticketed events may be promoted via separate messages for ticket sale dates and the event date.
  • Messages must be applicable to Kutztown University, and fit into one of the designated categories.
  • Messages must be submitted by a university division, department or sponsoring organization.  Personal messages are not permitted.
  • Community announcements will be considered as time and space allows.
  • The Office of University Relations reserves the right to edit all messages to meet style and messaging guidelines.