June 2020

Volume 2, Issue 11

  • Coronavirus Information Center

    Campus Update on Coronavirus
    KU's Coronavirus Information Center is updated daily with news on classes, events, commencement, refunds, health guidelines and more. Students receive updates twice-a-week during the summer with up-to-date information on academic resources, FAQ information and more. Please encourage your student to read these email updates for the latest campus information. At this time, there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus on campus.

  • Academic Affairs

    Tutoring Services
    Tutoring Services is currently recruiting peer tutors for Fall 2020. If your student is interested in this employment opportunity, please have them complete the Tutoring Services Employment Application. If your student has any questions, please contact tutor@kutztown.edu.

    Summer Library Research Services
    Rohrbach Library has thousands of resources online, including eBooks, journal articles, streaming videos and newspapers. Need help with using these valuable resources? We are pleased to offer online research help over the summer months. Students can get help through the chat service located on our homepage; just click the "Ask Now" button to begin. Librarians will be monitoring the chat service throughout the summer. Questions can also be submitted offline and will be answered in a timely manner. For more information about summer library services, please visit https://library.kutztown.edu/covid19.

    Success Academy
    KU's Success Academy is designed to show new students how to achieve their educational goals during their freshman year. The Success Academy is free and will take place Aug. 17-19 (a few days before the start of the fall semester). Tell your student to register at www.kutztown.edu/casa. If you have any questions, contact R. Chad Brown, assistant director for Retention & Student Success, at cbrown@kutztown.edu.

    KU Succeed
    KU Succeed is an academic-recovery program designed to help students return to good academic standing by providing a framework for academic success. This framework includes skill-building seminars, mentoring and educational and personal advising. If your student would like to participate, they can register at www.kutztown.edu/casa. If you have any questions, contact R. Chad Brown, assistant director for Retention & Student Success, at cbrown@kutztown.edu.

    Career Development Center
    Summer Career Certificate Workshop Series: The KU Career Development Center will be offering career certificates this summer and hosting Zoom workshops. The following topics will be covered: Writing Your Resume & Cover Letter, Designing Your Career Path, Choosing a Major, Soft Skills: What Employers Want, Successful Interviewing, Using Social Media in Your Job Search, and Internship & Job Search Strategies. Please visit www.kutztown.edu/careercenter for a weekly schedule of events. If you have questions, email henry@kutztown.edu.

  • Administration and Finance

    Spring 2020 balances
    Some students still owe money from the Spring 2020 semester, either from ID replacement fees, forgotten parking fines, residence hall damages and more. While small, these balances may still be assessed a late fee and result in a hold on the account based on the age of the debt. Please check MyKU to ensure all spring (and summer) charges are paid. Fall aid cannot pay spring or summer charges. MyKU > KU Financial Account tile > Payment Dashboard

    Fall 2020 Tuition, Fees, Housing and Meals Billing
    Tuition rates are set for the 2020-2021 academic year. As you may have heard, tuition and the tuition technology fee will remain the same as in 2019-2020; however, some other required fees, housing and meal plans may have increased. The bill will not be exactly the same.

    Billing will occur mid-July with a due date of Thursday, Aug. 6. Bills will include tuition, required fees, on-campus housing and meals - based on the student’s enrollment/selection as of that day (changes can affect charges and aid). Remember, only pending aid will reduce the amount due on the bill. Aid that is not in pending status (i.e., awarded aid or loans not yet certified) may require action and will not be considered as a valid payment type reducing charges due. Undergraduate students having 12-18 credits of enrollment will see the same tuition line item, although required fees may change based on course selections. After we bill, please don’t forget the Intent to Attend box in MyKU (the double-sized tile). Billing help is found here.

    New Location for the Bills
    MyKU > KU Financial Account tile > Payment Dashboard > Your Bills right hand side – if the bills are not viewed within seven days of the notice, a second reminder email is sent. We now incorporate the payment plans on the bills. You will love this recent enhancement. In addition – for those changes that occur to aid or charges after the billing, you can now get an updated statement in the Your Account box before the next month's bill, most recent activity link.

    Additional Funding – Apply in June
    Many students will need additional funding after their awarded aid package from the FAFSA completion. Some will pay the difference, some will use a payment plan (see below) and some will use additional loans. Additional loans should be applied for now so that Financial Aid Services will have time to certify the loan and allow it to show on the fall bills, thereby reducing the charges due.

    • Alternative Loans are loans in a student’s name with a credit worthy co-signer (some even have a parent option now). These can take up to three weeks to show as pending aid in MyKU.
    • Parent PLUS loans are loans in a parent’s name they take to help a student. Approvals and denials (parent denials may offer students some additional Stafford Loans) can take up to two weeks to show as pending on the account.

    Interest does not start until the funds are disbursed (i.e., September and February). Do not delay, apply for these extra loans in June. Apply for the full school year now, loan period August 2020 to May 2021, Financial Aid will split the loan in half for you. You can easily reduce the loans later by completing a loan change form once the actual charges are on the account and you see all of the figures in one place.

    For more information on additional funding options, visit our website. You can also get more information by calling Financial Aid Services at 610-683-4077.

    The Difference Between Pending & Awarded Aid
    Once the FAFSA is completed, an aid package is prepared for a student by Financial Aid Services. This is awarded aid. This aid will not reduce charges on a bill at this point. To move from awarded aid to pending aid, students must complete all requirements, such as verification if selected, Master Promissory Note Stude & Entrance Counseling (if not already completed at KU), submitted their final high school transcript, be enrolled in courses and lastly, the student must be eligible for aid (financial aid progress). Only aid that is shown as pending or anticipated will be considered as payment toward the charges due. Check to see if the student owes any items to financial aid or other areas regularly. MyKU > KU Tasks tile – click on the blue line To Do’s for more details on what’s needed and who to contact for help.

    Fall 2020 Payment Plans
    Payment plans remain open for the Fall 2020 semester charges. The five-payment plan ends Sunday, June 7, when the plan becomes a four-payment plan for a month; then it will be a three-payment plan. Take advantage now if you can. A student can sign up for a plan now and adjust the plan later once the actual bills are prepared. There is no fee to increase or decrease the plans as need should a surprise scholarship show up or the bill increase due to a housing change for example. MyKU > KU Financial Account tile > Payment Dashboard > Installment Payment Box.

    Parent PINS – Payment Dashboard Access
    Students can sign their parents up to get their own access to the Payment Dashboard, including getting the billing emails and even billing texts as to not solely rely on the students to share their notice. Students: go to MyKU > KU Financial Account tile > Payment Dashboard > Parent PIN box lower left.

    Contact Method
    The Office of Student Accounts knows the last few months have not been easy for you and us. Please know that until we resume on-campus operations, we encourage email as our best and quickest way to lend assistance. If you find you need a phone call, call 610-683-4133 and leave your name and number for a call back – please be patient as call backs will take a bit longer and the caller ID will say 'private number.' We wish you and your family good health.

  • Enrollment Management and Student Affairs

    New Financial Aid Feature
    This year, all students will receive a digital financial aid offer through Campus Communicator. Your student will receive a text message and email with a link that they will be able to open to view their financial aid. We’re excited to offer this new virtual option to your student. If you have questions or concerns, please email us at financialaid@kutztown.edu, contact us by phone at 484-646-3304 and now even chat (https://bit.ly/ChatwithFinAid) with us during office hours, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

  • Equity, Compliance and Legal Affairs

    Disability Services Office
    If your student received special services in high school through an IEP or 504 plan, they may be entitled to receive similar accommodations at Kutztown University under the Americans with Disabilities Act. When requesting accommodations, it is the responsibility of the student to self-disclose to the Disability Services Office (DSO) and to provide documentation of the disability. For more information, visit www.kutztown.edu/DSO/accommodations or email DSO@kutztown.edu.

    Public Safety and Police Services
    The Kutztown University Department of Public Safety and Police Services is conducting annual firearms qualifications. Each officer will complete one week of training to ensure competence and knowledge of all department issued items. The standards are set forth by the Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Commission (MPOETC). The department continues to provide safety and security to members of the campus and neighboring communities.

  • Housing and Dining
    • Fall 2020 Meal Plan Selection for Returning Students
      April 20 through June 12: Returning students meal plan selection window. After this window, students required to have a meal plan will be assigned the MyTime Platinum meal plan.

      Fall 2020 Meal Plan Selection for New Students
      June 1-12: Incoming student meal plan selection window. After this window, students required to have a meal plan will be assigned the MyTime Platinum meal plan. 

      How to Select a Meal Plan

      • Go to mykuhousing.kutztown.edu
      • Enter student email and password
      • From the left menu select “Dining”
      • Select “Dining Plans” on the left side of the screen
      • At the top right of your screen change term to “Fall 2020” under “Purchased Meal Plans”
      • On the same screen, select the meal plan you would like from the list of possible selections.
        • Please note: if you plan on living in a traditional residence hall, you must select either the MyTime Dining Diamond, MyTime Dining Platinum or MyTime Dining Gold. If you do not select one of these plans, you will be assigned the MyTime Dining Platinum when the meal plan selection window closes.  
      • At the bottom of the same screen select “Purchase Meal Plan”
      • https://www.kutztown.edu/about-ku/administrative-offices/dining-services/meal-plans.html

    2020-2021 Returning Student Room Selection Process
    Students who wish to live on campus, but did not participate in room selection should contact our office at housing@kutztown.edu. We are now manually processing housing assignments as needed.

    2020-2021 Housing Assignment Cancellation
    Any student no longer planning to live on campus, who meets the residency-requirement exceptions, can cancel their housing assignment until Tuesday, June 30, without penalty. Any student who wishes to cancel their housing, should contact our office at housing@kutztown.edu.

  • University Relations and Athletics

    Stay Connected
    Follow Kutztown University on social media for all the latest updates and to stay connected to the KU community. Find us at facebook.com/KutztownU and @KutztownU on Instagram and Twitter. #TogetherWeRoar

    KU's Award-Winning Campus Radio Station Seeking New Members
    Any current or soon-to-be KU student can be a part of KU's award-winning campus radio station, KUR. No experience is required. Even during the pandemic, KUR stays operational 24/7/365 with student-produced programming and training. Email kur@kutztown.edu for more information. Visit www.kutztown.edu/KUR to explore KUR on the web and to listen live.

    We update our Frequently Asked Questions daily at www.kutztown.edu/CoronavirusInfo. If you have specific questions, please contact the Office of University Relations at ur@kutztown.edu.

  • KU Campus Store

    Online Website Open
    We are fulfilling online orders daily Monday through Friday. We offer free shipping on all orders of $50 or more. Due to Governor Wolf's mandate to close nonessential businesses, our in-store operations are closed until further notice. Shop online at www.kubstore.com.

    Commencement Regalia Available for Purchase
    Students who are eligible to graduate in Spring 2020 can now begin purchasing their regalia online at www.kubstore.com/category/regalia and have it shipped to their home. Students will receive an invitation to attend the rescheduled commencement ceremony, once that date is determined. Those who RSVP to the invitation will receive their guest tickets in the mail.

    Inclusive Access – Course Materials
    Inclusive Access is a collaboration between your professor, KU Campus Store, the Office of Student Accounts and publishers to provide required course materials at a significantly reduced cost. When a professor makes the decision to participate in this program, all students registered for the class automatically receive access to these materials digitally on the first day of class. For your convenience, you will be billed for your materials on your MyKU account. For more information, visit https://kubstore.com/inclusive-access.

    Join our VIP Program
    Become a KU Campus Store “VIP” and receive exclusive promotions, updates on sales and event, as well as special rewards. It's free to join; visit https://kubstore.com/vip.

  • KU Foundation

    Golden Bear Athletic Club Virtual 5K
    Dust off your sneakers and get ready to move in support of Kutztown University Athletics. Whether you're on a treadmill, jogging your neighborhood, walking around the block or cruising your favorite trail, the GBAC Virtual 5K is the No. 1 way to support KU Athletics right now. All funds raised will benefit KU student-athletes and teams in the form of scholarship support, relieving unexpected expenses due to schedule changes, upgrades of team equipment and uniforms, offsetting team travel, enabling facility improvements and so much more. Click here for more information and to register.

    Connect With Us
    The KU Foundation has been raising funds to support the students, faculty, programs and capital needs of Kutztown University since 1983. The Alumni Relations team works hard to enhance the experience of KU graduates. With the generous support of KU alumni and friends of the University, we've raised millions of dollars for student scholarships, endowment, building projects, academic programs, athletics and more.

    Check out our website and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn!

  • Dates to Know

    KU Central Calendar
    A full listing of upcoming events and academic deadlines can be found on KU's central calendar.


    First day Financial Aid can disburse for Summer Session 1 (subject to change).

    Wednesday, June 3

    First day NO reduction in charges or refund for University withdrawal. (Summer Session 1 Only).

    Friday, June 5

    Make-up classes will be held for Summer Session 1.

    Friday, June 5

    Last day for Undergraduate and Graduate students to apply for Summer Session 1 2020 graduation.

    Friday, June 5

    Deadline to withdrawal from a Summer Session 1 2020 course and receive a grade of “W”. There is no withdrawal from individual courses after this date.

    Friday, June 12

    Last day for students withdrawing from the University to receive 50% reduction in charges or refund (Summer 10 Week only).

    Monday, June 15

    First day NO reduction in charges or refund for University withdrawals (Summer 10 Week only).

    Friday, June 19


    Summer Session 1 2020 ends.

    Friday, June 26

    Summer Session 1 rental books due to KU Campus Store.

    Wednesday, July 1

    All Summer Session 1 grades must be electronically submitted by 3 p.m.

    Wednesday, July 1

    Summer Session 1 grades available through MyKU at 8 p.m., unless notified.

    Wednesday, July 1


    Friday, July 3


    Saturday, July 4

Persons with a disability, and who require accommodation, should notify the Disability Services Office two weeks prior to the event at 610-683-4108 or email DSO@kutztown.edu, TDD number: 610-683-4499, in order to discuss accommodations. Every effort will be made to provide reasonable accommodations. Please note: Kutztown University does not provide wheelchairs or other mobility devices.

Notify the university of an accessibility concern

Kutztown University does not discriminate in employment or educational opportunities on the basis of sex, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or veteran status. To discuss a complaint of discrimination, please contact the University’s Title IX Coordinator located in the Office of Social Equity, Old Main A-Wing, Room 02, by phone at 610-683-4700 or by email at pena@kutztown.edu or the Office for Civil Rights located in the Lyndon Baines Johnson Department of Education Bldg., 400 Maryland Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 20202-1100, by phone at 800-421-3481 (TDD: 800-877-8339), by fax at 202-453-6012, or by email at OCR@ed.gov.

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