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Athletics Logos

The images below are provided for use in official university publications, products and communications. The Golden Bear logo family was designed for use primarily by the athletics department and sports teams, for use on uniforms, publications, apparel, summer camp publications, etc. Use by other university departments and personnel may be approved through University Relations & Athletics. The university's athletics logos are copyrighted. Commercial use of the logo requires prior written approval of the Sports Information Director.

Each link below contains two images, the four-color (maroon, gold, black, white) and one color versions.

  • EPS - files saved in Encapsulated PostScript for use in programs such as Adobe Illustrator
  • JPG - files saved as a flat image
  • 871 - files that include the primary Kutztown Metallic Gold (PMS 871)
  • 4515 - files that include the alternate primary Kutztown Gold (PMS 4515)
  • CMYK - files saved in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black format for printing
  • RGB - files saved in Red, Green, Blue format for digital
Primary Kutztown Golden Bears Logo

Primary Golden Bear Logo

Kutztown University Kutztown Wordmark
Kutztown Golden Bears Kutztown Golden Bears Wordmark
Kutztown Golden Bears Logo (reverse kutztown color) Golden Bear Logo w/ Reverse Kutztown Color

Bear head logo Bear Head Logo

Bear head with KU logo Bear Head with KU Logo

Bear KU logo Bear KU Logo

Full Bear with KU logo Full Bear KU Logo

Full Bear logo Bear Logo

KU logo

The KU logo may only be used in conjunction with and in close visual proximity to the terms "Kutztown" or "Kutztown University" or other secondary set logos, such as the tower or athletics marks.

KU Logo

Kutztown Golden Bears (curved) logo Kutztown Golden Bears Curved Logo

Paw logo Paw Logo

Gold Alphabet Gold Alphabet (with Maroon Outline)

Maroon Alphabet Gold Alphabet (with Gold Outline)

Other Logos

KU logo PMS 195 Kutztown Logos
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