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Walters Awarded Chambliss Faculty Research Award

December 6, 2016

KUTZTOWN, Pa. - Dr. Glenn D. Walters has been awarded the Chambliss Faculty Research Award. The Chambliss award, inaugurated in 2004 through a gift from Dr. Carlson R. Chambliss, professor emeriti, is meant to recognize the very highest achievement in research and scholarship and can be awarded only once in a person's career.

Walters, an associate professor of criminal justice, has taught at KU for five years and has served as an advisor to the Criminal Justice Association, a member of various committees, assisted in planning Criminal Justice Career Day and participated in the Criminal Justice Summer Institute hosted at KU.

Prior to coming to Kutztown, Walters spent more than a decade as a clinical psychologist and drug abuse coordinator for the Federal Correctional Institution, Minersville, Pa.

Walters has conducted research that has allowed him to present to the U.S. Sentencing Commission's Recidivism Roundtable, the Connecticut Department of Corrections and Probation, as well as published journal articles extensively since the beginning of his career. Walters holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from Lebanon Valley College, a master's degree in clinical psychology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a doctorate in counseling psychology from Texas Tech University.