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Das Clears Half Million Mark with National Science Foundation Grant

Dr. Kunal DasDecember 1, 2017

KUTZTOWN, Pa. - Kutztown University professor Dr. Kunal Das has been awarded a National Science Foundation Grant, clearing his half a million dollar mark of single investigator funds.

Dr. Das is receiving his National Science (NSF) grant for his recurring work regarding Ultracold Atoms. This recent award of $135,000 will last for a period of three years brings his career total of research grant funding to over half a million dollars. Das's work is significant in that that they are all single-investigator awards, where all proposals and research were developed by himself.

His previous research aimed to examine the exotic behavior which takes places in quantum systems occurring at the level of the individual atom or electron.

Das' most recent project, entitled "RUI: Ultracold Atoms in Ring-Shaped Lattices," is expected to continue that work. With this award, he plans to explore one of the most enigmatic features of quantum physics, still not fully understood or utilized, its non-local nature, whereby entities seemingly well separated in space still have dramatic mutual influence due to hidden correlations.

Das' research is expected to end in August 2020.