Council of Trustees, President Hawkinson Issue Resolution Honoring KU Health and Wellness Center

Photo of Hawkinson, Hess, Lendzinski and Ludlow.

(L to R): Dr. Kenneth S. Hawkinson, university president, Dolores Hess, executive director of Health and Wellness Services, William Lendzinski, assistant director of Clinical Services, Jim Ludlow, chair, KU Council of Trustees

KUTZTOWN, Pa. – The Kutztown University Council of Trustees and university president Dr. Kenneth S. Hawkinson presented a resolution Thursday, Dec. 10, honoring the KU Health and Wellness Center for their efforts to the university community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The resolution reads:

WHEREAS, under the leadership of executive director Dolores Hess and assistant director William Lendzinski, the KU Health and Wellness Center has remained open throughout the pandemic, and;

WHEREAS, the nurses and medical personnel have attended to the health needs of KU students throughout this period, and;

WHEREAS, at great personal risks to themselves they administered hundreds of COVID-19 tests to our students, and;

WHEREAS, Health and Wellness Center personnel not only managed all testing protocols but also followed up these protocols through contact tracing investigations, isolation and quarantine supervision via daily health checks, and;

WHEREAS, Health and Wellness Center leaders provided important advice to the Emergency Management Team and the President and his cabinet, throughout the crisis, and;

WHEREAS, Health and Wellness Center staff showed the upmost in professionalism, courage, and spent countless hours serving our students;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Kutztown University Council of Trustees, and the President of Kutztown University, jointly recognize the service rendered by KU Health and Wellness Center personnel in the wake of a world-wide pandemic, and by this resolution express our profound gratitude for their selfless devotion to our students and university.

RESOLVED, this 10th day of December in the year 2020.