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Planetarium Light Show to Unveil Secret Life of Stars

February 12, 2016

KUTZTOWN, Pa. - Kutztown University's Planetarium will be hosting the Secret Life of Stars light show on March 24 at 7 p.m. in the Grim Science Building Planetarium.  The show, featuring Dr. Phill Reed, associate professor of physical sciences at KU, is free and open to the public. 

This Patrick Stewart-narrated show looks to amaze it's viewers with its answering of the many unanswered questions that it will unveil about its featured constellations.

Questions such as How are stars born? How do they die? What will happen to our Sun at the end of its life? and even secrets determining what type of life stars will lead, how long they might live and even the type of death it will die.

This show will feature a variety of different stars and will give the viewer and inside look into these star's secret lives.  For more information visit or contact Dr. Phill Reed at 610-683-4438 or 

Immediately following the light show the planetarium will offer a Beatles Laser Light Show at 8 p.m.  Cost of admission for that show is $5.