KU Introduces Pre-Baccalaureate Certificate in Social Media Strategies

Social Media Strategies

KUTZTOWN, Pa. – Focused on flexible and progressive degrees, Kutztown University’s Department of Communication Studies introduces a new certificate program for those students interested in social media to supplement a career or a field of study or to gain valuable information and skills. The Social Media Strategies (SMS) certificate, launched this semester, is industry-driven and introduces students to each area of the interdisciplinary SMS program at KU.

The certificate is available both on-campus or online.

The curriculum focuses on content creation, data analytics, ethics, branding and e-commerce. There are four courses: Introduction to Social Media Theory and Strategy, Writing for Social Media, Principles of Marketing and Social Media Analytics.

The certificate program is designed to be flexible and efficient, allowing working professionals and others to complete the curriculum on the Kutztown University campus or 100% online. Other in-depth opportunities in SMS are offered as both major and minor studies in the Department of Communication Studies. However, the new certificate is aimed at those individuals who can benefit from the skills and advancements of SMS whether or not they have a degree in communication.

Video on Social Media Theory and Strategy major

Useful to a host of career paths from professional writing to business management, social media unquestionably plays a pivotal role in marketing, networking and engagement. Digital competency and strategic communications skills have quickly become essential to candidates in the job market. The skills learned through the combination of business, English, and communication studies assembled in this comprehensive program are contemporary, are necessary applications to meet strategic business objectives with digital marketing techniques that boost sales, create brand loyalty, develop a personal brand or promote social change.

For more information, questions or to enroll in the SMS certificate program or Kutztown University's Department of Communications Studies, contact department chair, Diana Ebersole, at ebersole@kutztown.edu.