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KU Hosts Nearly 20,000 Visitors this Summer

campers play basketball at one of the many sports camps on campus this summer

July 21, 2017

KUTZTOWN, Pa. -Walking around campus this summer, you may see a wide variety of different summer camps, conferences and events, attracting all ages and people from around the world. This summer Kutztown University will hold approximately 70 different camps and conferences of almost 20,000 visitors, including anywhere from 25 to more than 900 guests.

These camps and conferences involve a wide range of subjects that help promote educational and physical activities such as sports, music, financial workshops, art education and Olympic development programs.

Participants talk about creating crafts at the Crafts in America Conference at KUAthletes for Better Education (AFBE) is a development program that holds a series of sports camps on campus. A girls' basketball camp of more than 300 guests were in attendance learning comprehensive sports as well as an education experience. Both of these are done through friendly competition and promote skills and growth amongst students of all ages.

Amongst the students are parents and other staff who help organize and encourage the students to strive for greatness. Many of the staff enjoy being a part of the kids' experience and helping make it the best for them.

"It is extremely rewarding to see not only your children, but hundreds of other children interacting with one another and creating memories and skills without them even realizing they're doing it," stated one of the parents after a long day of games and activities.

AFBE also hosts a basketball camp consisting of 40 international students from France for much of July.  

For the duration of camps, Dixon Marketplace located on the south side of campus stays open to accommodate any needs of the camp visitors. One Dixon Marketplace worker, Kaitlyn Dougher, had the chance to interact with many of the French basketball students.

KU held several performing artists camps, including the Summer Chamber Music Festival"Although there is a bit of a language barrier, it is still very cool to interact with international students and help them find what they need," Dougher said. "They are so friendly and outgoing and you can tell how much they love exploring the campus."

Examples of sports camps include youth soccer, wrestling, women's basketball, softball and swimming.  Conferences include Words and Pictures, KU Pennsylvania Art Education, Lehigh Valley Velodrome and ASC Financial Workshop.

The camps conclude on August 3. For more information, visit