KU Signs Dual Enrollment Agreements with Three Local School Districts

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(L to R): Back Row: Dr. Kenneth S. Hawkinson, KU President; Dr. Anne Zayaitz, KU Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. Front Row: Stephen Herman, Principal of Fleetwood Area High School; Andrew Potteiger, Superintendent of Brandywine Heights Area School District; Jeffrey Boyer, Superintendent of Antietam School District.

KUTZTOWN, Pa. - Kutztown University signed five-year dual enrollment agreements with Antietam, Brandywine Heights Area and Fleetwood Area School Districts on Thursday, June 20, to facilitate an advanced college-experience program to recruit outstanding students to KU and provide them with instruction and personal growth opportunities. Kutztown University President Dr. Kenneth S. Hawkinson and Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Anne Zayaitz signed the agreements with Jeffrey Boyer, superintendent of Antietam School District, Andrew Potteiger, superintendent of Brandywine Heights Area School District, and Stephen Herman, principal of Fleetwood Area High School.

The agreements will allow select students from each school district to enroll in off-campus courses as non-degree students at Kutztown University. School districts will provide the documentation necessary for enrollment without cost, including a high school transcript and a letter from a guidance counselor attesting to the suitability of each course, while each selected student will be responsible for applying for non-degree status. The agreements will also allow select students to enroll in on-campus courses during both the academic year and the summer as non-degree students on a space-available basis.  

"We're very excited about these agreements, as they will give participating students a head-start into college," Hawkinson said. "From our prominence in the arts, to our AACSB-accredited business school, to our excellence in the sciences, our comprehensive teacher-education program, our progressive general education and the strength of all of our programs, Kutztown University truly has an area of study for nearly everyone."

Kutztown University will provide the districts' students with a reduced tuition rate for both off­campus and on-campus enrollment. Students will be responsible for the balance of tuition and fees.

In addition, students registered as non-degree students at KU under these agreements will have the same rights, privileges and responsibilities as other non-degree students, including the right to a student I.D., use of the library and other academic resources. All university policies and procedures including, but not limited to, academic policies and student discipline policies shall apply.

"This agreement gives a local, affordable option for our students and parents," Boyer said. "It also gives students the opportunity to take the first-step into college, seeing if it's for them. This is great for all of Berks County and we are happy to be a part of it."

"I'd like to thank Kutztown University for its forward-thinking approach to partnering with local school districts and creating this opportunity for high school students," Potteiger said. "As education partners, we share a common goal of ensuring students are receiving rich, educational experiences that complement their abilities. By opening your doors, you have unleashed great possibilities for our students."

"We are very grateful and excited to have this opportunity for our students as they transition from one life-setting to another," Herman said. "Our goal is to provide every opportunity we can so our students can make an educated decision on their future."

For more information about the new partnership, please visit the KU Admissions website or call Jim Garraway, assistant director of Admissions, at 610-683-4060.

President Hawkinson at podium
School district superintendent