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Kutztown University is proud to be part of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.

Students enrolled at Kutztown University not only are enrolled at an excellent institution, they also are part of a family of 14 universities across the Commonwealth known as the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE).

Among the biggest advantages to students attending a PASSHE university is the combination of high quality and affordability that provides excellent value. PASSHE universities are able to pool resources, thereby giving students access to services they may expect to find only at a very large campus. For example, the Keystone Library Network links the 14 university libraries and the State Library, providing access to millions of resources. Toll-free and online library assistance is available through the Network even after normal library operation hours.

PASSHE universities make it easy for students to transfer seamlessly from community colleges and other institutions. More than one-fourth of all new students each year transfer from another school.

As a system of public institutions, the influence of the universities reaches far beyond the campuses. Enrollment has increased steadily over the past decade to a record of 120,000 students, 90 percent of whom are Pennsylvania residents. Nearly 500,000 PASSHE alumni live in Pennsylvania, serving as community leaders in the business, healthcare, public administration and non-profit sectors while generating an aggregate annual income of $7 billion.

What is PASSHE?
The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) consists of 14 universities and more than 120,000 students. PASSHE is the largest higher education provider in Pennsylvania and the tenth-largest in the United States. Because PASSHE is led by a 20-member Board of Governors, a broad policy and direction is set for the system and the universities in order to provide Pennsylvania students with the best education possible.

Benefits of PASSHE to KU students:

  • Cost

Because it is PASSHE's mission to provide students a quality education and reasonable tuition, KU students have the ability to study at our university for the lowest cost possible.

  • Courses

PASSHE works diligently on ensuring that students receive the best education possible by improving how students learn and how faculty present their material. KU's graduate and undergraduate programs are under constant review to secure our methods of teaching.

  • Student Services

With PASSHE's resources such as the Keystone Library Network, Desire2Learn, and Employee Self-Service, students can be prepared for researching, downloading content, recording work hours and preparing themselves for other important components of their education. Additionally, KU students experience Division II Athletics in the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference through PASSHE.

  • Transfer

PASSHE'S own Academic Passport can easily assist a student in transferring from a community college or other PASSHE university, ensuring that students will not have to take courses over in the event that they do not switch their major. Those choosing to switch their major can still use the Passport, however they might need to take additional courses at the university they wish to transfer to.

For more information on the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education and all it offers to students, please visit

Proud Member of Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education