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KuBOK - Neighborhood Watch

KuBOK Neighborhood WatchWhat is KUBoK?

KUBoK is a volunteer coalition comprised of community members and Kutztown University students, staff and faculty. Members of KUBoK work with the Kutztown Borough Police Department by volunteering his or her time and talent to create a safer community and promote awareness.


  • To assist in patrolling the streets of Kutztown during peak social hours to keep students and residents safe and proud to live in a respectful environment.
  • To improve the relationship between Kutztown University students and the residents of Kutztown.
  • To keep Kutztown as a great place to live for everyone - permanent residents and students alike.


"I have been walking and supervising for KUBoK, (which incidentally looks VERY good on a resume), for 8 years now. It has been a pleasure to get to know the students that I walk with and also some other residents of Kutztown. I feel that KUBoK has made the town safer for the students; the Kutztown Police have told us that we are making a difference. A special highlight for me was the night that a girl was trapped against a wall by a male student. She called out to my team as we passed and said that she had not seen me in ages and wanted to "catch up". I put out my arm and she quickly came into it. After we walked up and around the corner I said to her "What is going on? I have never seen you before in my life". She said that she was trapped against the wall and saw us coming with our flashlights and vests and knew who we were and that she was safe. We walked her to her home and went on our way feeling good about really helping someone out and seeing that they were safe."

Nancy Unger

"Diane and I feel that we are keeping our promise to the Quinn Family. We personally met Dennis Quinn on one of our first "walks"; he hugged us and thanked us for walking."

Diane and Joe Piscitelli

"KUBoK has brought people together - townsfolk, students and other KU folks on teams that walk through the neighborhood, sharing stories, Kutztown history, and a sense of community pride while offering a supportive presence."

Kathy Lynch

For more information and the application to join KUBoK, click here.