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At Kutztown University, ensuring the safety of its students, faculty and staff is always a high priority issue. As such, in Fall 2007, the University joined forces with the Borough of Kutztown to create a neighborhood safety watch program for downtown Kutztown.

Established in response to the tragedies of Fall 2007 and increased incidences of unlawful behavior reported in college communities across the nation, the Kutztown University/Borough of Kutztown (KUBoK) volunteer program matches students with borough residents and university faculty and staff for a "Neighborhood Watch", which patrols during the peak social hours on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays during the fall and spring semesters.

The volunteer program works closely with the Kutztown Area Police Department, which provides training and serves as the central reporting location for unusual disturbances and observations made by KUBoK volunteers. KUBoK Neighborhood Watch is a reporting agency only, and does not confront individuals engaged in unusual or suspicious activities. Volunteers are instructed to avoid all confrontation, acting only as another set of eyes and ears for the police department. Volunteers are equipped with radios to report any suspicious activities.

The program was created through the efforts of Stephen Kenney and Carmen Bloom, who were KU Student Ambassadors to the Borough Council at the time, and the Mayor of Kutztown. Additional partners include Kutztown University, the Borough of Kutztown and the Kutztown Police Department.