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Do more with your Computer Skills

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Computer Science & Information Technology

"If you have the passion to do something, Kutztown will make it happen."
                               -Allison Seidel, Computer Science/Information Technology, 2015

ACM's Top 10 Reasons to Major in Computing

Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide a quality education and professional experiences to empower students in the computing disciplines to attain their professional and academic goals. To provide students with modern curriculum, tools, and technology to complete their degrees and be competitive in the computing fields. To empower students to achieve their goals by establishing and maintaining relationships with faculty, universities, and industry. To provide faculty with an environment that fosters growth and development in their specialties.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Computer Science at Kutztown University is to:

  • Provide students with the highest quality of courses, programs, and instruction by regular review and continuous improvement.
  • Establish and maintain persistent relationships with industry in order to improve curriculum and cultivate opportunities for students and faculty.
  • Provide faculty with consistent opportunities for scholarly growth and professional development.
  • Provide and promote opportunities for student research and faculty collaboration.
  • Conceive and maintain modern facilities and technologies that are on a par with similar academic organizations.
  • Establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with other departments and institutions.
  • Continue to support the university's initiatives to develop a diverse population.

Program Objectives

Graduates of the Computer Science program:

  • Are employed in a CS/IT or related industry and/or pursuing graduate study in CS/IT or a related area.
  • Are actively engaged in professional development.

Program Outcomes

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers two separate tracks of study under the umbrella of a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science: Software Development and Information Technology. Minors are also available in both the Software Development and Information Technology tracks. The department hosts a robust MS program with three tracks in software development, information technology, and Professional Science Masters (PSM), an interdisciplinary professional science curriculum that integrates other disciplines within a CS Master's degree.