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Leonard, Sandra

Leonard, Sandra

Assistant Professor
Lytle Hall 258
  • Degrees
    Ph.D. in Literature and Criticism, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
    M.A. in Literary Linguistics, University of Nottingham
    B.A. in English, York College of Pennsylvania
  • Background Information
    I research aesthetic plagiarism–the intentionally transgressive reuse of written material in order to create beauty. My focus is on transatlantic nineteenth century, a period of particular conflict in international copyright and experimentation prior to the redefinition of authorship that came with modernism. My current projects focus particularly on the work of Oscar Wilde.

    I have complementary interests in composition studies, digital humanities, critical theory, literary linguistics, and popular culture.
  • Course Regularly Taught
    ENG 334: Linguistics
    ENG 200: History of the English Language
    ENG 010: Introduction to Literature
    CMP 100: Effective Composition
    CMP 200: Research and Composition
  • Publications
    “Borrowed Sins: Oscar Wilde’s Aesthetic Plagiarisms in The Picture of Dorian Gray.” Journal of Narrative Theory, vol. 49, no. 2, Summer 2019. pp. 137-168.

    “Plagiarism and Contingency: A Problem for Academic Freedom.” FORUM: Issues about Part-Time and Contingent Faculty, vol. 21, issue 1, Spring 2018. Joint issue with Teaching English in the Two-Year College, The National Council of Teachers of English, vol. 45, issue 4, May 2018, pp. A1-A13.
  • Class Schedule
    Term Days Start Time End Time Course Location
    Fall 2023 MW 1:30PM 2:45PM ENG 223 020 LY215
    Fall 2023 MW 1:30PM 2:45PM WRI 223 020 LY215
    Fall 2023 MW 3:00PM 4:15PM ENG 223 010 LY215
    Fall 2023 MWF 10:00AM 10:50AM CMP 100 027 LY114
    Fall 2023 MW 3:00PM 4:15PM WRI 223 010 LY215
    Fall 2023 MWF 9:00AM 9:50AM CMP 100 012 LY114
    Fall 2023 MW 3:00PM 4:15PM ENG 223 019H LY215