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PAWS, Partnering Alumni with Students

Want to connect with KU Alum?

How does the KU P.A.W.S. program work? It is very simple to get started. Just log into KUCN ( and start browsing profiles of professionals, most of whom are KU alumni. There is great value in learning about others' career paths, even if they are not in your same field of interest. Read through several and determine if you would like to reach out to the volunteers (they are looking forward to helping current students!) When you are ready to connect, the system will help you do that.

Why should I use P.A.W.S?

Career advice
Informational Interviewing and possible Job Shadowing
Advice on internship/job searching  


Be responsive.  Whether communicating via e-mail or phone, be responsive and return calls and e-mails in a timely manner (within two business days). Respect the time and energy that alumni are dedicating by being a career mentor volunteer.  

Be respectful of volunteers. Users should not overuse the resource nor abuse their access to alumni career mentor volunteers. Be purposeful in selecting volunteers to connect with and reach out to those who are genuinely interesting to you and your career interests. The process may take time so be patient and do not excessively contact volunteers.

Have a growth mindset. Be open to the advice and insight provided. Openly receive and reflect on any constructive feedback provided. Respond respectfully and sincerely when having follow-up conversation about feedback. 

Set clear and realistic goals. Understand that connecting with Alumni Volunteers through the KU Career Mentor Program does not mean you will be offered a job or internship. As you begin making connections, discuss the purpose of your networking relationship in order to form short term goals while also creating the building blocks necessary to maintain the connection over time. 

Be professional and honor commitments. If conversations or meetings with Alumni Volunteers must be cancelled, communicate that to them in a timely manner and offer an apology for any inconvenience. Cancellations should not be habitual. 

Do not solicit. This is a place for you to connect with others for your own career development. You may not approach these individuals for any form of solicitation, fundraising, nor business investment proposals.