APSCUF, Shared Governance & Policies

Shared Governance for Incoming Faculty

Watch a quick introduction video from our Senate President.


Since 1937, APSCUF has worked to protect the rights of faculty and coaches at the 14 universities that make up Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education. APSCUF has negotiated collective bargaining agreements with the Commonwealth or the State System, and these agreements have provided substantial protections and benefits in crucial areas, including tenure, academic freedom, promotion, due process, and salary and benefits. For more information download a digital APSCUF orientation packet.

There are two ways to join APSCUF: simply visiting your local chapter office, or fill out the membership form. 

  1. Complete the membership application and mail it back to APSCUF-KU c/o Annie Hungaski Old Main 203A, Kutztown PA19530.

  2. Complete the application mailed to your home address in a blue or yellow envelope and mail it back to APSCUF using the enclosed self-addressed, stamped envelope. 


  • Administrative Council - The Administrative Council is the third part of the Tripartite Shared Governance System at KU. The membership of this body consists of the heads of various divisions and important bodies and union presidents representing faculty, staff, and students. Its job is to consider policies and procedures that affect everyone at the university. 
  • University Curriculum Committee (UCC) - The University Curriculum Committee, or UCC, is the chief body at the University for all curricular matters. It reviews and approves proposals for new courses and programs, and for revisions of established courses and programs. 
  • University Senate - The purpose of the University Senate is to function as a representative body of the faculty and professional staff to the end of initiating and/or reviewing all academic policies and procedures and any other matters which impact the University. 

Faculty Handbook

The 2020-2021 edition of the Faculty Handbook is dedicated to Kutztown University’s teacher-scholars, individuals who are teachers, academic advisors, mentors, researchers, writers, and consultants. It is designed to provide faculty with a resource for accessing Kutztown University policies and information from a variety of University offices. It is not meant to replace the Agreement Between the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties (APSCUF) and Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education (State System). 

The Key (Student Handbook)

Within The Key student handbook, you will find the rules and regulations that govern university life. These are established as a clear road map of policies and procedures, which serve to maintain the integrity and quality of a Kutztown University education and campus life. 


The Policy Register is a compendium of all the rules and regulations that have been formally approved through the Shared Governance System at KU. They are organized by administrative division at KU.