About CEL


The Center for Engaged Learning (CEL) exists primarily to facilitate the involvement of faculty in a dialogue regarding the art and science of university teaching. All CEL activities, events, and content are designed to: 

  • Encourage discussion and facilitate an exchange of accrued wisdom concerning issues of teaching and learning.
  • Disseminate information, develop projects, and conduct inquiries that enhance the knowledge and practice of university instruction.
  • Stimulate and enable the development of innovative teaching strategies and emerging technologies.
  • Provide new faculty with information and support as part of their orientation to the university.
  • Promote and facilitate awareness of and adaptation to differences in faculty and student teaching and learning styles.
  • Solicit and respond to the needs, interests and concerns of the faculty on issues related to college-level teaching and learning.
  • Affirm the institution's commitment to teaching excellence.

The CEL has instructional support as its focus. For questions and additional information, please contact us by calling 610-683-1518 and

CEL Staff

Erin Kraal, Faculty Director
Rohrbach Library Room 6

Phone: 610-683-1518

Douglas Scott, Director of Instructional Design
Rohrbach Library Room 6

Phone: 610-683-1518

2022-2023 CET Advisory Board Members

Karen Rauch (Associate Provost for Accreditation and Assessment; ex-officio)*

Amber Pabon, College of Education Representative**
Term expires: 08/2024

M. Halim Dalgin, College of Business Representative**
Term expires: 08/2023

Pierette Kulpa, College of Visual & Performing Arts Representative**
Term expires: 08/2023

Robert Flatley, Library Committee designee*

Tracey Keyes, Professional Development Committee designee*

Michelle Sims, University Senate Representative
Term expires: 08/2023

TBD, Undergraduate Student Representative
Term expires: 08/2023

* Indefinite Term of Office
** Appointed by Committee on Committees

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