America Reads & Counts

America Reads & Counts

America Reads & Counts is a student organization and program of the Community Outreach Center that sends both work-study students and volunteers to three primary after-school mentor and tutoring programs: Boys & Girls Club, KidSpace, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. 

The Community Outreach Center can provide transportation for students to go to various sites or students can go directly to the sites themselves to volunteer. Programs typically run every week Monday through Friday. Students can choose when they volunteer. 

If you are interested in participating in this program, please register on GivePulse here. 

KidSpace with the Salvation Army

KidSpace is part of the Salvation Army's after-school program, located in south Reading. Volunteers who serve as positive role models provide a warm supper and homework assistance to the children. Volunteers also help lead or assist with gym activities, doing crafts, acting workshops, and other enjoyable activities.

Olivet Boys & Girls Club

Boys & Girls Club in Reading works with children at their after-school homework help program. They also act as positive role models for the youngsters, playing games, crafts, storytelling, and providing computer assistance as volunteers.

Big Brothers Big Sisters - Club of Unmatched Littles (COUL)

Our program provides the youngsters with the opportunity to be exposed to a collegiate setting and to spend quality time with college students who serve as excellent role models. You can give a little of the priceless gift of friendship every month for just a few hours. Themed crafts, science experiments, interactive games, icebreakers, and educational activities are all part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters events. Meetings are held once a month from 6-8, typically on-campus. For offsite activity nights, transportation can be provided upon request.


For any questions related to our America Reads & Counts programs, please contact or call 610-683-4043.