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Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center

Patrick Donmoyer
Patrick Donmoyer
Director of Pennsylvania German
Cultural Heritage Center

The Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center at Kutztown University is an open-air folklife museum and research center dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Pennsylvania German heritage.

Located on the historic Sharadin Farmstead on the Kutztown Campus, the Heritage Center offers access for both the public and KU students to historic buildings and exhibits, a world-class research library collection, as well as seasonal events, conferences, lectures, and classes in Pennsylvania German dialect through the KU modern language department. An extensive research library is available for all who wish to conduct genealogical, historical, linguistic and cultural research. The Heritage Center is also the proud home of several regular publications, including Hiwwe wie Driwwe, the world's only Pennsylvania German dialect newspaper, as well as the annual Pennsylvania German dialect calendar, and the Annual Volume Publication Series, which showcases premier research in Pennsylvania German Culture. The Heritage Center offers tours of the historic site by appointment to individuals, organizations, and local schools. Please visit the Heritage Center, and explore the resources that make Kutztown the epicenter of regional Pennsylvania German culture.