2023 PASSHE STEM Student Research Conference

2023Keynote Speaker: TBA

2021 Keynote Speaker: Danielle Moyer

Danielle Moyer is a physical volcanologist who uses a wide range of tools to study active volcanic systems on our Earth to better understand the hazards these systems pose on nearby communities. Her research research during her Ph.D. at Drexel University focused primarily on monitoring volcanic emissions and using Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (sUAVs) to take measurements during volcanic eruptions. Her past field areas focused on measuring gas emissions at Yellowstone and taking ash and aerosol measurements at Mt. Sinabung in Indonesia and Villarrica in Chile. She earned her B.S. Geology degree at Kutztown University in 2015 and defended her Ph.D. at Drexel University in 2021.

Danielle Moyer


There and Back Again – Stories of research, adventures in the field, and remembering one’s roots


A college education, an early idea that was as foreign to me as Latin, was not the path that anyone in my family had taken before me. Coming from a family of military vets, farmers, and proud blue collared workers, I stepped into the world of higher academia wide-eyed and a bit overwhelmed. It was thanks to a dedicated and empathetic group of professors within the Geology department at Kutztown that I was start my career in STEM with my feet on the ground running. Through their patient guidance, I went from starry-eyed, rural, kid from Mertztown to a globetrotting volcanologist working on the cutting edge of volcano research. I look forward to sharing the research experiences at Kutztown that helped mold me into the scientist I am today and how they spring boarded me into the world of graduate research. Join me as I take you through stories of misadventures in the field, balancing research with teaching classes of my own, and finding my place among the ranks of researchers working to bring positive change to the world around us.

  • Oral Presentation

Standard equipment for oral presentations include a desktop (windows) and projection equipment.  

The oral presentations are scheduled for 15 minutes each, which includes both the talk and time for questions. There is a 5-minute break between talks scheduled to allow audience members to shift rooms and for moderators and speakers to change the technology for the next talk.  Please plan your presentation to end at 15 minutes, so the next speaker has time to get set up.

  • Poster Presentation

Poster stands with poster boards (30” by 40”) will be provided for poster presentations. The schedule for the poster presentation schedule will be announced once it is finalized.