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Student Spotlight

Nate Schaeffer

Male math education major holding a pen above a pad.  In the foreground is a blue calculator, green box with supplies and a laptop computer.  In the backgrround are math formulas and questions, as well as a white board that reads "Mr Shcaeffer, Today's plan: Daily Warm-up, homework review, introduce new topic, practice, challenge evaluate."

Mohrsville, Pa. native Nate Schaeffer is a senior at Kutztown University with a major in Secondary Education, with a specialization in Mathematics.

Why did you choose Kutztown University?

I chose Kutztown because it was close to home and very affordable. I knew I wanted to continue my track career collegiately and I was given the opportunity to continue to pole vault here. On top of that, being a prospective education major, Kutztown is well-known for its education program. Overall, Kutztown was a perfect fit for me.

What are some of your involvements on campus?

I am a member of the track team, a member of Kutztown Christian Fellowship, a member of Chi Alpha Sigma (student-athlete honors fraternity), and a member of Kappa Mu Epsilon (math honors fraternity).

What inspired you to pursue Math Education?

My desire to teach math stemmed first from wanting to continue to coach post-graduation. From there, I realized that I have been teaching in some aspect most of my life and that I found great fulfillment in helping others achieve their best selves. So, logically, pursuing a career in teaching just made sense. I had amazing mentors growing up, especially my parents, friends, coaches and teachers. Ultimately, I want to be that sort of resource to my future students/athletes as well. In terms of choosing to teach math specifically, it was always my favorite subject and I enjoy the challenge of engaging students (in the subject). 

What are some plans/goals you have in your career?

My only goal is to help students be a better version of themselves. Whether this is in the classroom, field or track, I want to push them to be better than they were the day before. At the end of the day, no one should strive to be perfect, so why expect that out of our students? I look forward to helping facilitate my students' growth in the many different outlets in their lives.

What advice do you have for prospective students?

Get your work done as early as possible. In doing this, you allow yourself time to do unexpected fun activities. The worst feeling in the world is being asked to do something fun and feeling like you have to say no to take care of your studies.