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Cardozo, Mario L.

Associate Professor
Graduate Center 110
  • Degrees
    Ph.D. (Geography), The University of Texas at Austin
    M.S. (Geography), The University of Memphis
    Forestry Engineer, Universidad Nacional de Asunción, Paraguay
  • Course Regularly Taught
    GEG 010: Elements of Physical Geography
    GEG 210: Environmental Conservation
    GEG 212: Geography of Natural Hazards
    GEG 274: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
    GEG 333: Advanced Geographic Information Systems
    GEG 347: Remote Sensing of the Environment
  • Publications
    Cardozo, M. L. 2019. Downtown Asunción, Paraguay: a democratic place for protest graffiti in response to rural injustices. ACME: An International Journal for Critical Geographies 18 (3): 606-641.

    Cardozo, M. L. 2018. Mennonite soybean farming, sustainability, and inter-ethnic tensions in Eastern Paraguay. The Pennsylvania Geographer 56 (2): 1-19.

    Cardozo, M. L., D. Salas, I. Ferreira, T. Mereles, and L. Rodríguez. 2016. Soy expansion and the absent state: indigenous and peasant livelihood options in Eastern Paraguay. Journal of Latin American Geography 15 (3): 87-104.

    Cardozo, M. 2011. Economic displacement and local attitude towards protected area establishment in the Peruvian Amazon. Geoforum 42 (5): 603-614.
  • Research Interests
    I study small-scale farming in South America, particularly how national governance and conservation measures interact with campesino and indigenous land use and environmental degradation. I engage in fieldwork (interviews and field observations) and utilize mapping techniques (GIS and Remote Sensing) to investigate these issues. I'm also interested in examining street art and graffiti, and how these urban projects connect with political protest.