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Lynch-Biniek, Amy E.

Asst Dept Chair
Lytle Hall 132B
  • Background Information
    Dr. Amy Lynch-Biniek works on writing pedagogy, literacy studies, and labor studies. Her book, Contingency, Exploitation, and Solidarity: Labor & Action in English Composition, a co-edited anthology with Seth Kahn and Bill Lalicker, won the 2017 CWPA Best Book Award. She is the current editor of Forum: Issues About Part-Time & Contingent Faculty, a peer-reviewed journal from the National Council of Teachers of English.
  • Course Regularly Taught
    Undergraduate: Effective Composition, Research & Composition, Teaching Writing, Living Literacy, Real Life Research. Graduate: Introduction to English, Critical Writing, Teaching Writing
  • Publications
    Contingency, Exploitation, and Solidarity: Labor and Action in English Composition. Book collection published by the WAC Clearinghouse & University Press of Colorado. March 2017.

    “Don’t Rock the Boat: Curricular Choices of Contingent and Permanent Composition Faculty.” Academic Labor: Research and Artistry. Vol. 1 No. 1, 2017.

    Invited review of Nancy Welch and Tony Scott’s Composition in the Age of Austerity. Composition Forum. Vol. 35, Spring 2017 http://compositionforum.com/issue/35/lynch-biniek-welch-scott-review.php

    “The Indianapolis Resolution: Responding to 21st Century Exigencies/Political Economies of Composition Labor,” Co-authored with Anicca Cox, Timothy R. Dougherty, Seth Kahn, and Michelle LaFrance. College Composition and Communication. Special edition on The Political Economies of Composition Studies. Vol. 68. No. 1. September 2016.

    “The Ethos of Writing Program Administration.” Forum: Issues about Part-Time and Contingent Faculty. Co-authored with Ann Shivers McNair. 16.2 Spring 2013.

    “Who Is Teaching Composition?” Open Words: Access and English Studies. Special Edition. Vol. 6 Issue 1 Spring 2012.

    “Crossroads, Not Cross Purposes: Contingency, Vulnerability and Alliances in the Contemporary Writing Program.” Open Words: Access and English Studies. Special Edition. Guest Co-Editors’ Introduction with Seth Khan and Sharon Henry. Vol. 6 Issue 1 Spring 2012.

    “Toward a Qualitative Study of Contingency and Teaching Practices.” Forum: Issues about Part-Time and Contingent Faculty. March 2012.

    “An English Teacher’s Manifesto Goes Awry.” Reflections: Writing, Service-Learning, and Community
    Literacy. Vol. 10 No. 1, 2011. New Community Press / Syracuse Press. New Community Press / Syracuse Press.

    “Filling in the Blanks: They Say, I Say, and the Persistence of Formalism.” CEA Forum. Vol.38 No. 2 Summer / Fall 2009.

    Book review: College Writing and Beyond: A New Framework for University Writing Instruction by Anne Beaufort. Composition Studies. Vol. 35 No. 2. 2007.

    “The Ethics Of Identity: What Is a Compositionist?” CEA Forum. Vol. 36 No. 2. Summer/Fall 2007.

    “Bemoans, Belittles and Leaves.” Teaching English in the Two-Year College. Vol. 33 No. 1, September 2005.
  • Degrees
    M.A. English, Binghamton University, 1996
    Ph.D, Composition, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2009