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Davis, Michael A.

Davis, Michael A.

Graduate Center 212
  • Biography
    Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, I have found my way to Kutztown shortly after I defended my dissertation. I have always been intrigued and fascinated by weather and climate going back to my elementary school days of chronicling weather in a notebook for science class. I went to college as an undeclared, but I knew I wanted to get involved with a science or math field. I went to Kent State for my undergraduate and studied under Tom Schmidlin and Scott Sheridan. I had all intentions of going into the National Weather Service to forecast weather, but I needed my masters degree for that so I went to Ohio State University. I studied under Jeff Rogers and Jay Hobgood while at Ohio State for my masters. I chose to stay at Ohio State and was approached by my eventual PhD advisor, Jialin Lin, to research atmospheric moisture representation in global climate models while I worked toward my PhD.

    My main interests are climate change, weather forecasting, climate modeling, and ways to get students more engaged in geography through gaming.

    I currently live in the Lehigh Valley with my wife, Heather, and my three children (Noah, Robyn, and Brennan). We have two cats named Rossby (after Carl Gustaf Rossby) and Bentley (after Wilson Bentley). In my spare time, I like playing Dungeons and Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, anything nature, camping, and baking. I serve as the faculty advisor to the Anime Club and the Boxing Club.
  • Course Regularly Taught
    GEG 10 - Planet Earth Users Guide: An Introduction to Physical Geography
    GEG 25 - Geofiction and Role-playing
    GEG 109 - Climate, Energy, and Sustainability
    GEG 204 - Meteorology w/Lab
    GEG 304 - Weather Analysis w/Lab
    GEG 322 - Climatology
    GEG 323 - Global Warming and the Science of Climate Change
    FYS 100 - Exploring Your World And Others
  • Degrees
    B.A. Geography (Kent State University) - 2006
    Minor - Climatology
    Minor - Geographic Information Systems

    M.S. Atmospheric Sciences (Ohio State University) - 2008
    Thesis: Analysis of United States Mean Seasonal Air Temperatures

    Ph.D. Atmospheric Sciences (Ohio State University) - 2011
    Dissertation: Cloud-radiation Feedback and Ocean-atmosphere Feedback in the Southeast Pacific in IPCC Global Climate Models
  • Research Interests
    Feedback Loops
    Cloud Microphysics
    Physical Geography
    Air-Sea-Land Interactions
    Climate Modeling
    Weather Forecasting
    Climate Change
    Gaming Geography
    Geography Education
  • Publications
    Allen, A.L. and M.A. Davis, 2023: A Seasonal Wind Climatology of The Great Lakes Region of The United States: 1990-2019. The Geographical Bulletin. 64, 1, Article 5.

    Clark, M.A. and M.A. Davis, 2023: Climate Change as a Perspective: Looking Through the Lens of High School Teachers within Berks County, PA. The Middle States Geographer. 55, 25-35.

    Andrews, T.R. and M.A. Davis, 2022: Shifts in Thunderstorm Occurrence and Spatial Synoptic Air Mass Classifications in the Mid-Atlantic United States, 2003-2012. The Middle States Geographer. 54, 10-18

    Davis, M.A., 2022: An Overview of Environmental Themes in the Video Game Industry. The Geographical Bulletin. 63 (2), 97-108

    Davis, M.A., 2022: Why Study Geography? In: Vaidya K. (eds) The Curious Academic. In press.

    Davis, M.A., 2021: So An Air Parcel Walks Into the Nearest Isobar... In: Vaidya K. (eds) Teach Geography with a Sense of Humor: Why (and How to) Be a Funnier and More Effective Geography Teacher and Laugh All the Way to Your Classroom. The Curious Academic. Ebook.

    Davis, M.A., 2019: Learning Geography Through Mobile Gaming. In: Brunn S., Kehrein R. (eds) Handbook of the Changing World Language Map. Springer, Cham.

    Gaspich, A.M. and M.A. Davis, 2017: Variability in Pennsylvania Snow Totals, 1980-2010. The Pennsylvania Geographer. 55 (2), 6-23.

    Davis, M.A., 2017: Ingress in Geography: Portals to Academic Success? Journal of Geography. 116, 2, 89-97.

    Davis, M.A., K.M. Cunningham, and K.A. Soisson, 2016: Extreme Temperature and Precipitation Trends in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Geographer. 54 (1), 41-61.
  • Office Hours
    Term Days Start Time End Time Room Additional Information
    Fall 2023 MWF 10:00AM 12:00PM GC212
  • Class Schedule
    Term Days Start Time End Time Course Location
    Fall 2023 M 1:00PM 2:50PM GEG 204 010 AF200
    Fall 2023 MWF 9:00AM 9:50AM FYS 100 3540 OM287
    Fall 2023 MWF 3:00PM 3:50PM GEG 10 020 BH262
    Fall 2023 W 1:00PM 2:50PM GEG 204 011 GC1
    Fall 2023 GEG 371 961