Alert! Fall Reopening Plan
Posted: 6/25/2020 11:00 a.m.
Kutztown University Announces Fall 2020 Reopening Plan. Read the full plan.
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Smith, Robert L.

Associate Professor
Communication Studies
Learning Center 113D
  • Course Regularly Taught
    THE 15 Introduction to Theatre
    THE 31 Introduction to Acting
    COM 10 Fundamentals of Oral Communication
  • Publications
    THEATRE: Its Nature, Its Variety, Its Development, 2nd edition. Kendall Hunt
  • Degrees
    Bachelor of Speech (Theatre) Emerson College
    MA (Drama: Theatre Design) University of Washington--Seattle
    MFA (Theatre Design) New York University
    BA (Computer Science) Rutgers University
    ABD (Theatre History and Criticism) University of Missouri--Columbia
  • Class Schedule
    Term Days Start Time End Time Course Location
    Fall 2020 MW 3:00PM 4:20PM THE 31CM 010 LC123
    Fall 2020 MWF 11:00AM 11:50AM THE 15 010 SA100
    Fall 2020 TH 9:30AM 10:50AM COM 10 110 LC113B
    Fall 2020 TH 1:30PM 2:50PM COM 10 120 LC113B