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Song, Myung S.

Assistant Professor
Lytle Hall 246
  • Degrees
    Ph.D. in Statistics, University of Pittsburgh
    Master in Statistics, University of Pittsburgh
    Master in Actuarial Science, University of Iowa
    Bachelor in Mathematics, Seoul National University, South Korea
  • Course Regularly Taught
    MAT 121 Mathematics for Business and Information Science
    MAT 140 Applied Statistical Methods
    MAT 301 Probability & Statistics I
    MAT 302 Probability & Statistics II
    MAT 372 independent Study and/or Projects in Mathematics
  • Research Interests
    Combining Information, Multilevel Models, and Optimization
  • Publications
    Gaspar, D., Lu, Y., Song, M., and Vasko, F. (June 2020) “Simple Population-Based Metaheuristics for the Multiple Demand Multiple-Choice Multidimensional Knapsack Problem”, International Journal of Metaheuristics. (In Production)

    Song, M. 2017. “Synthesizing Correlations with Computational Likelihood Approach: Vitamin C Data”, arXiv:1701.08145 [stat.AP].

    Song, M. 2016. “Combining Information by Using Likelihood with Application”, JSM Proceedings. Topics in Statistical Methods and Applications. Alexandria, VA: American Statistical Association. 410-423.

    Hamdan, S., Melhem, N., Porta, P., Song, M., Brent, D. 2013. “Alcohol and Substance Abuse in Parentally Bereaved Youth”, The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 74(8), 828-833.

    Song, M., and Gleser, L. 2012. “A Numerical Likelihood-based Approach to Combining Correlation Matrices”, Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation, 41(9), 1679-1692.

    Song, M., and Gleser, L. 2010. “Numerical Approximation of the Likelihood of Correlation Matrices”, JSM Proceedings. Social Statistics Section. Alexandria, VA: American Statistical Association. 5192-5204.
  • Class Schedule
    Term Days Start Time End Time Course Location
    Fall 2020 MWF 10:00AM 10:50AM MAT 140QL 040 LY226
    Fall 2020 MWF 12:00PM 12:50PM MAT 302 010 LY228
    Fall 2020 TH 12:00PM 1:20PM MAT 140QL 110 LY204
    Fall 2020 TH 3:00PM 4:20PM MAT 140QL 120 LY114