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Vogel, Andrew R.

Vogel, Andrew R.

Lytle Hall 241
  • Degrees
    PhD in English, Ohio State Univeristy
  • Course Regularly Taught
    ENG 105: Experiences in American Literature
    ENG 108: Poetry and Poetics
    ENG 109: Rebel Hearts Exploring Irish Literature
    ENG 129: Jazz Culture
    ENG 351: American Literary Realism
    ENG 364: Modern Poetry
    ENG 365: Modern Novel
    ENG 366: Cultures of American Modernism
    ENG 379: Literary Theory
  • Biography
    Professor of English and Director of the Kutztown University Honors Program, Dr. Andrew Vogel's research concentrates on American road stories in the Progressive Era. His book, Narrating a New Mobility Landscape in the Modern American Road Story, 1893-1921: Ambivalence and Aspiration, is forthcoming in March 2024 from Palgrave Macmillian. It examines the way road stories altered American geography at the turn of the twentieth century, establishing serious social justice and environmental consequences that we contend with to this day. A portion of it covering Hamlin Garland and the agrarian reform of American road policy was published in Studies in American Naturalism, spring 2011. A spin off from the book situates Theodore Dreiser’s A Hoosier Holiday within the political negotiations over good roads that took place in 1915. This article was published in a special issue of Studies in Travel Writing that considers travel writing and the car. He has written a chapter on race, passing, and the American Dream in American Dream from Salem Press’s Critical Insight’s series, an article on Walt Whitman’s associations with the Columbian Exposition of 1893 in Walt Whitman Quarterly Review, an article exploring Gertrude Stein’s geographic imagination appeared in EAPSU online. An examination of the intertextual exchanges between jazz poetry and music was published in Harlot of the Arts online and he also published an article that demonstrates the relationship between Beat writers’ use of bathetic humor and the influence of Walt Whitman’s romantic idealism in American Studies.

    Dr. Vogel also writes poetry. His work has appeared most recently in The Shore, Poetry East, Hunger Mountain, Crab Creek Review, The Briar Cliff Review, North Dakota Quarterly, and Cider Press Review.