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Wong, Wing Hong Tony

Wong, Wing Hong Tony

Lytle Hall 213
  • Degrees
    2008 - B.Sc. in Mathematics (First Class Honors), Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
    2013 - Ph.D. in Mathematics, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA
  • Research Interests
    Combinatorics, graph theory, number theory, and linear algebra.
  • Publications
    Ashley Armbruster, Grace Barger, Sofya Bykova, Tyler Dvorachek, Emily Eckard, Joshua Harrington, Yewen Sun, and Tony W. H. Wong, “On binomial coefficients associated with Sierpinski and Riesel numbers,” Integers -- Electronic Journal of Combinatorial Number Theory 21 (2021), A61.

    Eugene Fiorini, Max Lind, Andrew Woldar, and Tony W. H. Wong, "Characterizing winning positions in the impartial two-player pebbling game on complete graphs," Journal of Integer Sequences 24 (2021), Article 21.6.4.

    Joshua Harrington, Kedar Karhadkar, Madeline Kohutka, Tessa Stevens, and Tony W. H. Wong, "Two dependent probabilistic chip-collecting games," Discrete Applied Mathematics 288 (2021), 74-86.

    Theresa Baren, Michael Cory, Mia Friedberg, Peter Gardner, James Hammer, Joshua Harrington, Daniel McGinnis, Riley Waechter, and Tony W. H. Wong, "On the domination number of permutation graphs and an application to strong fixed points," Discrete Applied Mathematics 288 (2021), 20-34.

    Grant Fickes and Tony W. H. Wong, "The edge-distinguishing chromatic number of spider graphs with three legs or bounded leg lengths," Journal of Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing 113 (2020), 165-181.

    Sierra Brown, Spencer Daugherty, Eugene Fiorini, Barbara Maldonado, Diego Manzano-Ruiz, Sean Rainville, Riley Waechter, and Tony W. H. Wong, "Nimbers sequences of Node-Kayles games," Journal of Integer Sequences 23 (2020), Article 20.3.5.

    Joshua Harrington and Tony W. H. Wong, “On super totient numbers and super totient labelings of graphs,” Discrete Mathematics 343 (2020), Article 111670.

    Sin Tsun Edward Fan and Tony W. H. Wong, "Building matrices with prescribed size and number of invertible submatrices," European Journal of Combinatorics 83 (2020), Article 103016.

    Nathaniel Benjamin, Grant Fickes, Eugene Fiorini, Edgar Jaramillo Rodriguez, Eric Jovinelly, and Tony W. H. Wong, “Primes and perfect powers in the Catalan triangle,” Journal of Integer Sequences 22 (2019), 19.7.6.

    Byungchul Cha, Adam Claman, Joshua Harrington, Ziyu Liu, Barbara Maldonado, Alexander Miller, Ann Palma, Tony W. H. Wong, and Hongkwon (Vin) Yi, “An investigation on partitions with equal products,” International Journal of Number Theory 15 (2019), 1731-1744.

    Tony W. H. Wong and Jiao Xu, “A probabilistic take-away game,” Journal of Integer Sequences 21 (2018), Article 18.6.3.

    Brian Kronenthal and Tony W. H. Wong, “Paired many-to-many disjoint path covers of hypertori,” Discrete Applied Mathematics 218 (2017), 14-20.

    Tony W. H. Wong, “Diagonal forms and zero-sum (mod 2) bipartite Ramsey numbers,” Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A 124 (2014), 97-113.

    Richard M. Wilson and Tony W. H. Wong, "Diagonal forms of incidence matrices associated with t-uniform hypergraphs,” European Journal of Combinatorics 35 (2014), 490-508.

    Michel van Garrel, Tony W. H. Wong, and Gjergji Zaimi, “Integrality of relative BPS state counts of toric del Pezzo surfaces,” Communications in Number Theory and Physics 7 (2013), 671-687.

    Yuichiro Fujiwara, Vladimir D. Tonchev, and Tony W. H. Wong, “Algebraic techniques in designing quantum synchronizable codes,” Physical Review A 88 (2013), 012318.

    Cheng Yeaw Ku and Tony W. H. Wong, “Intersecting families in the alternating group and direct product of symmetric groups,” Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 14 (2007), #R25.
  • Biography
    Mathematical games and puzzles were what drew Tony Wong into mathematics in the first place. Prior to college, he competed in numerous mathematics competitions at the international level. With this background, he is passionate in providing training for students to participate in mathematics competitions. He also serves the community by organizing outreach activities for middle school and high school students, especially for underprivileged students. In research, he actively engages students in his projects with publications on reputable journals.
  • Course Regularly Taught
    MAT 17: Introduction to Mathematics
    MAT 106: Trigonometry
    MAT 115: Precalculus
    MAT 121: Mathematics for Business and Information Science
    MAT 260: Linear Algebra I
    MAT 321: Combinatorics
    MAT 352: Real Analysis II
    MAT 431: Topology
    MAT 460: Linear Algebra II
  • Office Hours
    Term Days Start Time End Time Room Additional Information
    Fall 2021 MF 10:00AM 11:00AM LY213
    Fall 2021 TH 12:00PM 1:00PM LY213
    Fall 2021 M 3:00PM 4:00PM LY213
  • Class Schedule
    Term Days Start Time End Time Course Location
    Fall 2021 MWF 8:00AM 8:50AM MAT 115 040 LY225
    Fall 2021 MWF 9:00AM 9:50AM MAT 260 010 LY203
    Fall 2021 MWF 2:00PM 2:50PM FYS 100 3710 LY206
    Fall 2021 MWF 1:00PM 1:50PM MAT 224WI 010 LY225
    Fall 2021 MWF 12:00PM 12:50PM MAT 115 030 LY204