ACT 101


Act 101 is a comprehensive academic support program which provides assistance in developing academic and personal skills including individualized academic support, academic advising/coaching, tutoring, workshops, leadership, responsibility, accountability and camaraderie.

ACT 101 is sponsored through the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) is designed to: 

  • Help students explore their potential through a successful transition from high school through college.
  • Help students achieve good academic standing.
  • Provide personalized academic support as they earn their college degree(s).
  • Encourage students to discover the value of hard work and progress and become lifelong learners.
  • Act 101 Program Provides
    • Living and learning community.
    • Stress management workshops.
    • Service projects.
    • Gateway to rest of university.  
    • Extra support necessary for students who benefit from assistance with their academic courses.
    • Improves student academic performance, retention and graduation rates.
    • Assist students in developing responsibility, accountability and self-confidence.
    • Information involving financial literacy to students.
    • Academic coaching and advising.
    • Provides a sense of belonging and positive connection to KU.