Strengths Finder

The StrengthsFinder® assessment can assist you with discovering and understanding your strengths and talents. Completing the assessment will provide you with a list of your "top five" signature themes, which can help you enhance the behaviors that lead to success. You will be able to focus on your strengths and understand how they can translate into a career or post-graduate education plan.

Completing StrengthsFinder® can help you:      

  • Recognize talents and shape them into strengths    
  • Identify skills that will help with your future career    
  • Assist with exploring careers that match your strengths    
  • Offer guidance about how to build your strengths and talents

To complete StrengthsFinder® please email: for an access code. This access code is unique to you and is only active for three weeks. After completing the assessment, please schedule an appointment with a CDC staff member to discuss your results.