Rohrbach Library

The Rohrbach Library serves  Kutztown University students, staff, and faculty. It is a dynamic, intellectual environment dedicated to providing  high quality library and information services  and meeting the information needs of the university community, whether local or remote. 

Below, explore some of our most popular services, or check out the Faculty Guide for additional resources, services, and information. 

  • Information Literacy

    Rohrbach Library’s Information Literacy Program aims to develop students’ information literacy skills to prepare them for their future careers and lifelong learning. Our Information Literacy Guide provides an overview of the program. You can even request a librarian come to your class to deliver a personal information literacy instruction lesson.  

    What can librarians do for classroom faculty?

    Every academic department on campus has a department liaison who works with an assigned librarian through our Library Liaison Program to help facilitate communication and ordering. .    All faculty members are welcomed to work directly with any librarian. Here are a few examples of what we can do for our faculty: 

    • Provide overviews of available resources (physical and digital) to classroom faculty, and  provide overviews via department meetings. This can be very helpful to new or seasoned faculty, as changes occur to library resources on a regular basis. 
    • Give library tours. 
    • Collaborate in planning, instruction, and research. 
    • Design and teach information literacy to students. There are a variety of options, for example how to search EBSCO, how to find materials in the online catalog, or specifically designed to meet assignments. Refer to the activity suggestion on the course pages or contact your librarian liaison. Information literacy instruction can take place in the library, in your classroom, or online. 
    • Provide Information Literacy resources to use outside of direct librarian-led instruction. 

    What can librarians do for students? 

    • Provide information literacy instruction in or out of the classroom setting. 
    • Provide personal Research Help with a librarian: 
      • Answer basic questions in-person or virtually. 
      • Provide Consultations for in-depth questions that can be asked in-person or virtually – that can be scheduled ahead of time.  
      • Provide online resources for self-help questions, which can be answered through resources/videos on our Research & Composition Guide. 
      • Provide library tours (general building or specific areas). 
  • Library Outreach

    Each semester, the library holds an Open House for the KU community. This is a great opportunity to show new students our campus and online resources. During the Open House students will participate in a scavenger hunt using an orientation form that will take them to several locations within the library, as well as our website and online resources, to learn about services. Students who turn in a valid, completed form will also have the chance to win prizes, including gift cards to the campus store. 

    For more information about the library’s outreach efforts, feel free to contact Prof. Sylvia Pham or follow us on social media: Instagram | Facebook 

  • Open Educational Resources (OERs)

    Open Educational Resources (OERs) are any type of educational resources that are in the public domain. OERs are published under open licenses that specify how materials can be used, reused, adapted, shared, and modified according to specific needs. OERs can be textbooks, lecture notes, syllabi, assignments, and even tests. 

    For more information about Open Educational Resources at KU, check out our OER Guide. 

Want to learn fast facts about Rohrbach Library? Check out our new faculty brochure.

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The Rohrbach Library has a great reputation for service and collaboration. We welcome you to work with us to continue this tradition. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions! All Librarians and Staff | Academic Library Liaisons