CET Presentation Series

These CET Presentations focus on practical, concrete strategies for common teaching tasks, challenges, and opportunities. These sessions help participants consider ways to apply those best practices in their teaching.

Using Research Workbooks/Visual Journals Across the Disciplines

Time: 11:00am-11:50am on Thursday, April 7th.  

Location: RL 06

Presenters: Drs. Amy Pfeiler-Wunder and Erin Kraal


Join us for a conversation of the many ways to incorporate Research Workbooks/Visual Journals into a myriad of your courses! Visual examples of student work will be shared, highlighting both undergraduate and graduate work.

About the Speakers:

Dr. Amy Pfeiler-Wunder is Professor of Art Education at Kutztown University, Department Chair and Coordinator of the Master of Art Education Graduate program. She received her Ph.D. in teaching and learning-art from the University of Iowa. Prior to joining higher education, she taught for thirteen years with pre-K-9th graders in various settings. She presents her research extensively at regional, state, national, and international conferences. Her work examines the impact of intersectionality on one’s professional identity with keen attention to views of the learners and curriculum. She is active in the National Art Education Association as the former Higher Education Division Director on the NAEA Board of Directors and currently as chair of the NAEA Research Commission.

Dr. Erin Kraal is a faculty in physical sciences.  She trained as a planetary scientist to explore the surfaces of objects in our solar system, asking questions like how can use the surface of planets be used to explore their formation and climate history?  She explores how sediment transport and the shape of landforms can tell us a story about the history of a planet.  As a faculty member, she explores how faculty teach and students learn the process of science - how things like the integration of art and science, storytelling through podcasting, and undergraduate research can illuminate the creative processes involved in scientific discovery. 

Ins-and-Outs of Teaching with Notability on an iPad

Time: 11:00am-11:50am on Thursday, March 10th.  

Zoom Link: https://kutztown.zoom.us/j/97683843693

Presenters: Dr. Brooks Emerick


The Spring of 2020 sent us all scrambling to find ways to teach through Zoom.  In my experience, I spent most of the latter half of that Spring semester using a homemade apparatus to hold my cell phone over a piece of paper to record my voice and my hand, which was feasible but far from optimal.  Later, I decided to purchase an iPad and an iPencil in an attempt to streamline the online lecture experience.  Using an app called Notability worked very well and even though we are back to in person teaching, I still use it in the classroom.  In this talk, we’ll discuss the benefits using the iPad to store notes and grade assignments. I will also cover some iPad/iPencil essentials including best practices, product costs, and other techniques/features I’ve picked up/learned along the way.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Brooks Emerick joined the KU Department of Mathematics in 2017.  He completed his B.S. in Applied Mathematics at Shippensburg University in 2009 and received his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Delaware in 2014.  He frequently teaches Trigonometry, Statistics, Calculus I and II, and Operations Research. Brooks' research interests lie in mathematical modeling and analysis of biological phenomena. Although these projects are his main focus, he generally enjoys any problem that contains ordinary or partial differential equations.

Burnout, Teaching, and Learning

Time: 11:00am-11:50am on Thursday, Feb 24th.  

Zoom Link: https://kutztown.zoom.us/j/97683843693

Presenters: Dr. Andy Arnold


Burnout feels to me like a crisis of meaningfulness. How can we preserve what called us to this field? How can we recover our passion? How can we put grades and assessment in their rightful place? The workshop will begin with a brief presentation on burnout. It will be followed by a discussion of ways that participants have addressed this problem for themselves. This discussion builds somewhat on the conversations regarding the book Ungrading by Susan Blum, but is not limited to that topic. I hope that we can talk about different ways that all of us have sought to preserve our passion for meaningful teaching.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Andy Arnold has taught in the History department at KU since 2002. He wrote a book on business and labor history with NYU press in 2014, and a guidebook to the US Constitution with Georgetown in 2018. He reinvented the Honors Program a decade or more ago and supervised creation of Honors Hall (Burnout #1). He served simultaneously as President of Kutztown Community Partnership, Chair of the History Department, President of the KU Senate, and Book Review Editor of the journal Pennsylvania History (Burnout #2). If he uses a rubric in his classes, it is a single-item rubric.

Moving to the Virtual World: Metaverse

Time: 11:00am-11:50am on Thursday, Feb 10th.  

Zoom Link: https://kutztown.zoom.us/j/97683843693

Presenters: Dr. Dr. Eun Yeon Kang and Prof. Thiep Ngoc Pham

Abstract: While digital adoption has become vital to our life, a new virtual space, called Metaverse, is now emerged. It allows us to socialize, interact, learn, and play as we do in the real world. Accordingly, many companies have already taken the first step into Metaverse and created their marketing content. Then, what does Metaverse mean to educators? How can educators integrate Metaverse into class? This workshop will introduce Metaverse and discuss its potential educational applications. 

About the Speakers:

Dr. Eun Yeon Kang is an associate professor of Marketing in the College of Business and has been a faculty member at KU since 2016. She received her PhD in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin, and her research mainly investigates consumer psychology with respect to the company’s marketing communications. With an emphasis on the luxury brands’ corporate social responsibility practices, Dr. Kang explores the effects of persuasive strategies on the consumer’s cognitive process and decisions, and examines the various advertising tactics in the digital media context and consumer choices.

Prof. Thiep Ngoc Pham is an assistant professor of Computer Science and Information Technology.  He is currently the advisor for KU Esports team and the KU Chapter of the International Game Developers Association. Prof. Pham has taught Game Development, Cybersecurity, and Information Technology courses for over six years. He received his MS in Systems Management at Florida Institute of Technology and is currently pursuing his doctorate in Educational Leadership at Alvernia University. His dissertation will focus on Higher Education in Game-based Learning (GBL).  Prof. Pham’s goal is to conduct research in the new field of Ludology.